Women's vest in cardigan crochet


As always bringing novelty today I bring another incredible stitch all worked on female beauty, let’s go and come right women are already beautiful beings with pieces in crochet are even more glamorous and modern.

In fact, any model worked in crochet in the clothing item is of a charm, delicacy and elegance, today the step by step will be quite different, we bring a piece made in crochet all worked by hand is the best well colored, which brings a very cheerful tone.


You know those vests we put on top of more basic clothes, being jackets or even the famous Cropped, so today’s tutorial will teach you how to make a modern model is new in the market like this.

Women's vest in cardigan crochet
Women’s vest in cardigan crochet

As you already know I’m the crochet freak, I have my atelier that evolved long after the Covid-19 pandemic, that’s when I found myself undone by the job market and without a job is there I saw crochet as a great opportunity, in fact changed my life.

The funniest people in this story is that I already crocheted, more with the stress of day to day and even the work I didn’t have enough time to devote myself to.


After being sent away, I said damn I can no longer be slave to the market, I have to look for something for my life that is different for everyone.

It was when making a piece of crochet to relax my mind I saw an opportunity, today after a year’s stop from the job market I got my atelier that runs great and receives orders practically every day.

My differential in this business, was persistence, determination, willingness to win of course my son to create, people I spent days and night sitting at the computer looking for tutorials and step by step to develop.

Women's vest in cardigan crochet
Women’s vest in cardigan crochet

Is detail of course that not always I had ease with certain pieces, more ai that enters the persistence, I just jumped from one tutorial to the other when I actually manage to make the model, do not go out to another tutorial until I finished what I had chosen to do.

The world of women’s clothing is a world of crochet that actually falls in love with me, in addition to children’s clothes and children’s pieces, I started training crochet in the beaks of dish cloth.

Today I already make various pieces, kits, blankets, quilts everything you imagine I can reproduce in crochet. The success of my atelier came precisely by the variation of models and tutorials that I do, I do not cling to stay only in a piece model, I look for novelties that’s what keeps me always with customers.

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A tip That I give you is to invest in variation, it is already a different job, when you bring something new, people get interested and this tends to draw attention, that’s how I increased and a lot my income.

Another cool thing is to scour my site and the designations we bring as a reference, we all have what to learn, it is for sure through our tutorials you will acquire more knowledge.

So bora leaves the subject is to follow for another amazing tutorial, where all the credits of creating the content and images is destined to that site check out more information by clicking here.