Mystical Lanterns Blanket Pattern


Crochet is everywhere, even over the years. There is always a crochet bedspread, or barred from dishcloth or details in any decoration. Every day I love this craft that is increasing and being practiced by people of all ages. For those just starting out, this pattern is an opportunity to make and practice, as it is not difficult and has a fantastic and satisfying result.

I am proud to be part of this beautiful community, this group of people who crochet with you. If you love it just like me and are interested in crochet pieces to learn more patterns every day, here is the right place, even more so finding a free pattern here. Today’s pattern is a very charming option that will cheer you up, it looks like a puzzle that will fit together and not the desire to stop doing it.


About Pattern 

Today’s pattern is called Mystic Lanterns, they say it is called that because of its shape and also given a name inspired by those who created it. It is a lot of fun to make, and for those just starting out, they can make this art that they will be thrilled with the end result. Being a great decoration for your table or a beautiful bedspread. 

Each day that passes is created new patterns, new trends and styles of patterns, thus never going out of style. Above I left a picture of the pattern ready on the quilt model, like a beautiful quilt for the bed, look how amazing it looks. Larger patterns take a little longer but are worth the work and time. The yarns that are better and more common to use are wool. For pieces of children or babies, care must be taken not to use thick wires or with mixed textures as it can hurt and scratch the child.

Starting the pattern

The colors can be varied, this pattern has several options of combinations that look beautiful as shown in the photo above, used several colors but symmetrical. Being a fun and light pattern to make, playing with the colors, you can even use the threads left in your house from other patterns. I’m sure you will fall in love and have fun doing the combinations.


Doing the first three rounds using the run points up to the starting point of a new round, saves a lot of time to add a new color. There are patterns that use 2 to 24 colors, and the number of rows depends on what you want to do, larger patterns make more rows. Organize your wires and decide the colors you will use to do your job, always beforehand so as not to miss the chosen color.

The pattern is made in strips, each piece comes together in strips, so you can also see the size that your work is getting to stop when you want. For a more delicate point, use the thinner needle or for a thicker point, thicker junction, just use a thicker needle. You can use different needles, for the center and another for the border, as you wish. On the internet we see various combinations and ways of making, equal or thicker edges, making colors different from the center to differentiate and give the cool finish.

I hope you can make beautiful patterns using the coordinates. Leave in the comments what you think of this pattern, I always want to help in the best way. Everyone can make this pattern, it’s not difficult, enjoy it. great tip for people who sell their work, using this pattern for a tablecloth delights everyone. Use your imagination and make various combinations to have more options for the customer.