Pattern Crochet Round Rug


Hello friends, another week starting and how was everyone’s weekend? I hope well, mine was great thanks to God and now I’m here writing and bringing another pattern to our website to make more and more content for everyone. I was busy all day with other commitments that I got for just now to write about the pattern that I set aside for today. Here we always do our best to share the news with you.

I researched some patterns that I found over the weekend and I want to leave everything here for you to do and practice more and more. I love it, I love being here on my computer browsing the internet looking at pictures of crochet work, one more beautiful than the other. And being able to bring here the ones I found the patterns, graphics or video to make it easier for everyone, thus making the patterns accessible because not everyone can afford it is not.

Today our pattern for this post is about a crochet rug model, which in my opinion is very interesting and good to learn because it is very popular and wanted by everyone. Almost everyone I know has a crochet rug at least in the bathroom or kitchen. Being a great option for people who sell their work. The demand for this type of pattern is great. so it’s important to do what sells the most, what people most look for to buy.

Pattern Crochet Round Rug

The pattern in this post as stated above is on a very beautiful and fun crochet rug to make. I left a photo of a model of it above to see the final result, it was done in a single color with the brown thread. These classic and neutral colors are beautiful to match with all the decorations, because brown, white and black are wild colors that can make combinations with all kinds of colors of the environment decorations. There are many beautiful shapes and designs on rugs to make the environment more beautiful and cozy. Carpets match all, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, in the kitchen in front of the sink, at the entrance to the house to clean your feet before entering and not get too much dirt, and used in offices too. Anyway it is an essential piece in an environment to make it more cozy and decorated.

There are several forms of carpet, this is the oval shape, it is classified as intermediate level for its details and change of stitches to form the design. Enjoy the pattern and make beautiful rugs, they can be made in white, black or brown as in the photo I left as a demonstration that are colors that will go with everything. But if the rug is for a child’s room it looks beautiful with light colors like pink and blue, it looks beautiful, or use those mandala threads that change color to make a colorful and cheerful rug.

I’m always trying to find incredible and different patterns for everyone here, to be able to share because I know you love news. I separated this pattern and another one that I found a video tutorial of baby dress that will be the next post that I will leave here. If you love children’s clothes like me, then don’t miss the next pattern.

Pattern Graphics

Below are the graphics you find from this beautiful rug pattern that I found, two very useful graphics that can save and print larger to take wherever you want to crochet. Enjoy and look at the other post available here on the site especially for all our readers, always come back and thank you for visiting.


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