Tutorial on Crochet Elegant Dress


Elegance, sophistication and good taste is what feature this piece all crafted in crochet, this dress is the ideal model to enjoy more social events and much more elegant.

All work in well closed stitches you will learn a different point from the usual, I found this average tutorial, however it will depend on your experience with crochet.


It took me over 03 weeks to make this piece, it’s not an easy pattern, however after you learn the point the same will be done by the end of the piece.

Tutorial on Crochet Elegant Dress
Tutorial on Crochet Elegant Dress

Difficulty level is median for this, for those who have little affinity and skills with crochet needles may feel a little difficulty to maintain diction and manage to hold the stitch, more after it gets the hang of it going away.

In this piece the practice will lead to the perfection of the model to beproduced , because it really is a mid-level point, but must follow the tutorial to the letter so that the perfect piece skirt.


Talking about crochet I want to give a tip to those who are at home unemployed and fell here by parading on the site, if you like to do and have crochet as a hobby, study, be enhance more and more in techniques and embrace crochet as an opportunity.

We know that after Covid-19 things got even harder and with that the job market is more competitive, so don’t waste time, despend yourself!

Work hard, practice that soon you will reach perfection in crochet! Remember that no one is born knowing and gradually you will get the practice of business, initially it is really difficult, but then things tend to lighten.

The art of imagination, turn lines into amazing pieces and very versatile and possible with crochet.

Today with about 6 years in the market I am an artisan who knows how to do a little of everything is obvious that I also have my difficulties and weakness in the business, just as you are in search of constant knowledge.

All the tutorials I share with you is not authorship of their own, they are artisan who share knowledge just like me for free, I want to make it clear that the credits of these productions are intended for the official website of the tutorial.

I keep running through the sites and looking for tutorials because it grows my knowledge, every different stitch I learn and bring along with you is a way to learn crochet.

In fact, crochet has transformed my life and I’m sure I can turn yours into some tutorials I tell my story is always i say that at first it wasn’t really easy, but I manage to overcome the difficulties and barrier of life and win.

I tell you with a lot of property I won, Today I can recreate pieces that before I didn’t even think I was capable of, my biggest motivation, was the love I have for crochet and my son, because I really needed to learn to support it.

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Today after 6 years in this fight I feel privileged, I work at home in the comfort of my home, along with my son and I can still pay and keep my household expenses.

All I have today is thanks to crochet, my persistence with it was what brought me to rest in quieter waters today.

So if you’re going through the same is want to make crochet an opportunity in your life, continue with us and come along and learn this amazing tutorial by clicking here.

Tutorial on Crochet Elegant Dress
Tutorial on Crochet Elegant Dress