Pattern Crochet Bavarian Blanket


Another pattern coming here for everyone to learn a little more about this crochet today that is useful for us, making beautiful pieces with little expense and saving a lot with expensive clothes and decorations. After all, with crochet, we can do everything, clothes, socks, scarf, blankets, blankets, towels, rugs, in short, there are a multitude of things that we can do with crochet, spending only on threads and the rest is with our hands and our heads. Making decorations in our own way and being original made by us, the best thing.

The world of handicrafts never goes out of style so enjoy and always practice, we can not stop mainly who does to sell your crochet, we will learn more each day and learn about the news on the internet. Here we have different patterns every day, so there is no excuse for not having free patterns, enjoy and share too. Today’s pattern is one of the patterns as well as in the previous post of a very common pattern known to the world of crochet, it is important to learn.


The crochet pattern of this post is called Bavarian crochet, it has an amazing designer that looks like honeycomb, it has some reliefs that give this aspect, the result is beautiful and charming. So let’s learn it today and practice a lot to make this beautiful piece and delight all its customers or relatives. Keep reading

About the Pattern Crochet Bavarian

To maintain and improve your skill with yarns and needles it is necessary to always practice, from simple patterns to the most complex ones. Today’s as you can see in the photo is incredible and with a very cool designer. It is very common to be seen and found on the internet, searching I found thousands of photos and people who had practiced this work and loved the result, so I brought it to our website for everyone to have the opportunity to do it too. I already did and loved it, I want to do others now, this is in my plan for the month that comes a pillow cover for my bed with this pattern.

Crochet enchants all ages, from young to old people, as it relieves stress, anxiety and avoids some diseases. There is only good thing with crochet. Today’s pattern has the name of Bavarian crochet, very well known, fast and easy to make, even though it is beautiful and available for free, it is easy to make. Above in the photo, a row of each color was used, but you can do as you prefer by making combinations of two or more colors or make color that looks amazing as in the photo. Beware of thicker yarns or other types of thicker mixed yarns as it can irritate the skin if making a blanket or cushion cover.


Abuse your creativity to make beautiful color combinations and various pieces. Strong colors give more vibration and appear more in the environment, colorful colors combine with children too or something atelier, and light colors combine with all environments giving an air of peace and warmth in the environment.

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Video tutorial

I leave the video tutorial on how to make the Bavarian crochet pattern, enjoy every minute of information. See other patterns on our website that have several cool ones that can be useful for all, Great weekend and even the next pattern, next we’ll post the last one today, stay tuned and thanks for visiting the site.