Crochet Beat Cub Poncho Pass


Today when it comes to crochet I think about entrepreneurship, you can believe I started in this business a short time ago more i see how promising growth is.]

Today I brought this tutorial with the intention of awakening in you your entrepreneurial side, look to be part of the photo and tell me, would you buy?


I would certainly buy, beautiful, very delicate perfect for time of year that we live is a piece that I would have in my child’s wardrobe, do you believe that to develop this piece I used only thread and crochet needle?

Crochet Bernart Beat Cub Poncho Pass
Crochet Beat Cub Poncho Pass

Amazing, huh? It’s all this can be done at low cost because crochet material is not something expensive, absurd! Thinking and having a more entrepreneurial vision is a world that should be closely watched and analyzed.

Excellent business opportunity, this because you will deal with pieces and details that only you do, manual work already has its wealth by itself, so it is worth diving is learning.


Do you know because even today even though I am a professional crocheter I still follow and bring tutorials?

Because in crochet every day is something new, all knowledge and enriching, I end up also learning from the branch, and I like to share that knowledge with you.

Here at home i have already been named the crazy tutorials, it is not a wonder that I keep following great references, I want to bring to my customers here in my city the best, so I’m looking for different things, different points.

I don’t consider myself a beginner, more because I can recreate my own models with what I know, but it’s cool when I learn a new point, something different.

So I always share and like is up to date with the branch, today’s tutorial is cute, the children’s world when working these pieces in crochet is really something pleasurable and enriching.

I like to have models like this in the atelier, because we sell everything, impossible for a mother to go through a piece as is and not buy, because in fact she is beautiful.

I fell in love at first sight and i started producing a model of this for my Bernardo, I would like to praise that the piece is of median difficulty level, it is not easy, nor difficult, more following the tutorial you can reproduce without problem.

I’m finishing mine that should take on average about 15 days because I’m interspersing with other orders, so I dedicate myself to it in the spare times.

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I like to praise pieces as it is, because, there is a quick exit, every crocheter has to be a little marketer, disclose this model in their nets, take piece by piece and do your marketing work, you will see how much is rewarding and how much your returns will come.

Another interesting thing to point out, being you is beginner invest your time in learning pieces of the children’s niche, the output flow is intense and amazing, you will be motivate because it is a niche that sells a lot.

It’s how I always talk practice will lead you to perfection, no use saying you want to learn, be not rolling up your sleeves and actually putting your hand in the dough.

I would like to point out that all the credit of content and image is from the official website that you will be able to check the step by step by clicking here. This poncho model is 6 to 12 months, being a model for both girl and boy.

Crochet Bernart Beat Cub Poncho Pass
Crochet Beat Cub Poncho Pass