Step by step in crochet poncho hooded


For cooler and colder days having a piece as it is in your wardrobe can be very interesting, elegant and versatile, the ponchos in crochet very similar to the cardigan is a very versatile piece that can match all occasions, just change the accessories and the piece you will wear underneath that will be ready for any event.

The step by step I found very simple, but it is a piece that has its difficulty in creating by the richness of details, to check a little more about it is important that you stay with us until the end of the post.


Detail I’m still running, I believe I take around 01 month to develop a model like this, this because it really is well detailed, so give a certain job, more is an amazing piece to be have in the wardrobe.

Step by step in crochet poncho hooded
Step by step in crochet poncho hooded

Detail is a model that does not go out of fashion, so in winter and even on the coolest days, can be an elegant bet of a look that will leave you fashionable and always comfortable and warm.

As I always say crochet has brought me wonderful ideas I’m thinking of creating a dress model with this stitch, when I learn a new stitch I always have other ideas and it helps me is a lot to innovate in this business, the cool thing about this point was the ease of management I had with it , super simple to make the difficulty was median.


I do not consider it an easy piece, because it is rich in details, so be made laborious, but I thought it was very cool is I’m producing two models interspersed, colorful and I’ll leave in my atelier, already have people interested in making order is i believe it is successful sale.

The piece is very beautiful and looks very elegant if placed with a pair of jeans, for more stripped events, you can bet on a denim shorts or even a skirt that will look cool.

More really putting this look with a dark jeans and a scarpin you will be ready for any more sophisticated event. I have enough experience with crochet is still surprised at the wealth of things we cancreate.

Every tutorial I learn adds so much value professionally that I always share with you, everything I expose here I do and show my level of difficulty.

It’s interesting that even if you’re a beginner in the business, bet on learning and adding knowledge, crochet is a promising yet little explored branch, so invest your time and acquire knowledge and learn, the more you practice, the more perfection you will have your points and tutorials.

Even having a good experience in the market I always dedicate myself to learning, so I watch tutorials of designs that I consider references in creations and share with you.

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I believe that so we learn more and more and so I always share the tutorials that I have as references with you, crochet is a great exchange.

My crocheters hope you are enjoying the tutorials we shared here and are putting into practice, because you will learn practicing.

I would like to make it clear that just like today’s tutorial, all content shared here is credit from the official website to check out more of this with us click here.

Step by step in crochet poncho hooded
Step by step in crochet poncho hooded