Pattern Crochet One for the Road Blanket


Lack of courage, mental fatigue, monotony… Putting an end to these annoyances can be simple and pleasurable. Research proves that crochet is an excellent therapy. Creating something with your own hands is the possibility of expressing yourself. It’s also a way to increase concentration and thus keep the brain’s activity at full steam, keeping us away from illnesses like depression. The activity requires concentration, reasoning and motor coordination, which helps to prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Maintain Repetitive movements lower blood pressure and create a feeling of relaxation. They also stimulate the agility of the hands. A study proved that the habit of crochet improves the self-esteem of the elderly, when they feel able to produce something from a thread and a needle, reduce the impacts of aging. Crochet entertains, calms and stimulates development.


Anyone who says crochet is a woman’s thing is wrong, over the years, men have been practicing and putting their hands to work. Crochet is simply amazing, since ancient times until today they are loved and practiced a lot. In my family crochet has been practiced for many years. If you also love crochet, you will love our website where we always keep the latest from the crochet world. Let’s learn one more pattern today.

Crochet One for the Road Blanket

The pattern I bring today is a beautiful blanket that has a 3D designer made with stripes that in the end is amazing the result. In the photo above I left a model of how it looks at the end to help you and also see how it looks. It is made by forming lines and with them they form the designs that, looking at the loge, are beautiful and geometric. In the photo is blue and white as a model. The blanket is suggested here above and at the end of the post in these beautiful colors, but you can choose the colors and combine to finish the way you like and of course, you have to choose the colors beforehand to match your decor, too. stay in harmony with the environment and leave it cozy and with its final touch.


They can make blankets or they can make a smaller size to put on the sofa or armchair to warm up on cold days. In addition to decorating your living room, it makes the environment cozier and warmer, perfect for lying down and warming up while watching a movie or a program you like. Enjoy because this blanket is not difficult to make and does not have much cost with the material that are the lines.

My aunt gave me the idea of ​​making a table runner, making those long tablecloths to put on the dining table and it looks great with a vase. This is also a great piece to make option. Anyway, your imagination because with this pattern that you learn today, you can do and create many things.

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If you already have skill with crochet, this type of pattern will be easy and easy, and you can innovate and mix other stitches you already know to create different pieces. If you liked it, enjoy it right now. Below I leave the link with the pattern written with all the information on materials and colors and all the step by step of this blanket. Enjoy the information and hope you like this pattern and until the next pattern. Bookmark our site and visit us whenever you can.

Free Available Pattern: One for the Road – Blanket