Crochet Blanket in Flowers


Crochet Blanket in Flowers is a beautiful gift for moms, this crochet work will add a touch of love to the layette. Delicate and very useful, as the blankets are used all the time to warm up and make you comfortable. With few materials this blanket can be made quickly, as it is simple and following the tutorial carefully the final result will be wonderful.

Every mother likes to make outfits for her baby giving that personal touch and full of love. This crochet blanket can be easily made following the tutorial that you will complete the layette that mom is making for the arrival of the long-awaited baby.


The color mentioned here is just a suggestion, make your blanket in a way that matches with pieces that are already part of your look, or that matches with more looks. For those who work with the sale of handmade products, the simplicity of this piece and its delicacy are perfect to make great success among its customers.

by The Loopy Stitch

The Crochet Blanket with flowers is beautiful and incredible in any room, the end result is very delicate and perfect to make the environment very cozy. With beautiful tones it is a perfect piece to decorate the baby’s room.

The crochet blanket with flowers is just wonderful, and very easy to make. Crochet is very useful for decorative pieces that complete the look of the house with comfort, making everything very elegant. This crochet pattern is charming.


The crochet blanket has been used more and more and is already part of the decoration of many houses. Use your creativity and make beautiful pillows to match the blanket and add a touch of charm and good taste to your room.

The pattern on this blanket is not free, but it is worth buying because it is a sensational crochet pattern. Thank you for visiting our website. We always try to bring the best for you.

Pattern PDF Resilience In Bloom Pattern

Credits: Resilience In Bloom by The Loopy Stitch