Teddy bear tutorial with Amigurumi patch


Amigurumi is a Japanese technique that you can create perfect crochet doll models and even reproduce your favorite characters, it is a model of creativity that has gone viral all over the world and is an income opportunity for those who like to work with crochet.

Here today with us you will learn how to make a teddy bear with amigurumi patch that is cute, in addition the model is easy to be marketed, because just looking at it is being in love.
Perfect option for anyone who wants to give someone a gift, in addition crochet is a technique that will improve your motor and cognitive skills, your brain starts to work much better.


After all, the whole time you perform a particular piece, you are working with your mind. Crochet is a technique of being passionate about the richness of details, in addition it is an independent work because it depends only on you and your effort.

Great opportunity for you who want to start your own business, in addition, crochet is a very promising branch with profitable growth, you working well, making pieces to make anyone in love that is the case of this bear in our tutorial, go sure to leverage your sales and build a customer base.

Calm! Even if you are a beginner you can learn a lot with us and will make wonderful pieces, we have several steps by step, tips and incredible tutorials from professionals in the market that make lines an art.


It is not very difficult to be in love with crochet! Make a test take a piece in your home and observe the wealth of details, if you have any model of Amigurumi enjoy the same.

There is no way to look at a piece of crochet and is not amazed by the model, since the manual work is done with such care, delicacy, equality of stitches and everything.
Many people may have this doubt, especially you who are here with us, is it difficult to make Amigurumi pieces in crochet?

To answer you, I tell you everything initially that we do not have knowledge may seem difficult, it is worth mentioning that it is the practice that will make you perfect.

Nobody is born knowing how to crochet, in fact we learn and develop our techniques of how to make, even using the traditional step by step, each crochet has its own way of handling the piece, the thread, the needle.

This is what will lead you to learn how to make a piece as it is, perfectly.
So even though you are a beginner, you can actually make this amazing crochet piece with us today and you will be amazed by the delicate and beautiful result of this model.

I’m sure you will do it as a gift to someone special, especially the person you love. Take advantage of the fact that Mother’s Day is coming and come today to learn this bear model in Amigurumi.

Ah, another thing that you should certainly think about is the business opportunity that this model can enter in your life, since it is a passionate piece.

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Do a test, learn with us to do and then try to market, you will leverage your sales and you will certainly be very satisfied with the result. Now let’s stop talking, let’s learn from those who know, click here to be redirected to the official step by step.