Velvet Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


The number of professionals working at home has been increasing day by day. Not having to face traffic or the flow of people on public transport; the possibility to manage a business in your own home, the flexibility of schedules and the opportunity to exercise the function in an informal environment; there are many reasons for this trend. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Velvet Blanket.

For any of these activities, it is necessary to have a lot of discipline to carry out the work without losing focus, that is, having a very cheerful, comfortable and very easy to organize space can help you to have a good performance. Thinking about it, we selected five essential items to create your space for Home Office, check out our tips and stay inside.


Check it out: The tip is to have a specific room to make your home office or reading corner, remember this. You can use a room that is not occupied, thus avoiding distractions and interruptions, which is common in environments with greater circulation in the house.


A well-lit place is essential, choose a room with good natural lighting and invest in artificial sources, they help a lot. Using a clean paint you can work with decorative items with lots of color, so it will be easier to redecorate when you get sick.


Install pictures, posters and stickers on the wall, use creativity and good taste, so the environment is more lively and cheerful. Always keep everything organized and clean. You can buy shelves, organizing boxes and hang on the wall, so the countertop will be spacious. With a few tricks you can make the environment even more cozy. Invest in a swivel chair, place rugs, upholstery and a beautiful arrangement of natural flowers.

The decoration of a home office or even a corporate office must be done very carefully, remember this well, because the environment needs to be functional and comfortable for all employees, and if you have essential furniture for these spaces, this furniture is the office chair, as this is where the employee will spend most of the day sitting working.

Whether working at home in the home office model or allocated in the company, the office is a place where most people spend several hours of their day, so having functional and comfortable office furniture is certainly essential. A set of office furniture considered standard, such as the office table and office chair, are indispensable furniture for this environment, that is, choosing the ideal models of these items is a very important task that must be done with caution.

Free Pattern Available: Velvet Blanket