Personalized crochet sheep bag for children


Delicacy, sophistication and a lot of beauty each piece in crochet has a unique beauty, today’s tutorial is very cute and also has high sales conversion in the ateliers, I say this with authority, because just looking at the beauty of this piece I was in the mood to do and acquire for my goddaughter, so surely it will be successful sale in your atelier.

Everything that is personalized by itself already brings a unique charm, being childish is to fall in love anyway, the cool thing about this piece is that it is all worked in closed manual points, that is, to learn the point you go with it from start to finish, only respecting even the mold.


People is the most cute thing, this tutorial I learned already has about 20 days us only now I can stop and Came here to share with you the richness of this piece.

Sheep crochet bag
Sheep crochet bag

Then I ask you, would you buy it?

Guys, when I bring here to the site tutorials and share with you, are pieces all worked in manual points that I buy the idea, ie I look and talk to my client when viewing a model of this will buy.


Because I would buy, when looking for tutorials to do I practice empathy, because in fact crochet alone is already something more than enthralling, so if I buy, my client buys.

So let’s go now for one more subject within crochet, but with an entrepreneurial vision! Are you at home unemployed? No source of income?

But do you know how to crochet for a hobby? Why not go head long into this market and make crochet an amazing source of income?

Is this even what you read: INCOME? You’ve thought about it!

People crochet is a promising growth market, this because it is something that almost no one knows how to do, it is a branch that has to actually devote to learning to make pieces so perfect when we visualize in this tutorials and you will only enter even if I had passion.

Because every piece you actually do is laborious and comes all worked out in a job of much involvement and love, just take thread and needle and give wings to your imagination as everything flows.

As I usually say, crochet is the art of possibility and through simple stitches you create something amazing and enriching, I started in this business after unemployment and today is my main income.

Persistence was something that made me grow a lot in this market, because in fact it is not easy to make the transformation of the pieces, it is all a work involved, a practice, a way, step by step so that everything fits and be become the pieces that we today enjoy so much.

What motivated me was to take one tutorial at a time and get to the end of all of them, the satisfaction I felt when completing each model really made me passionate, today does not exchange my profession for anything.

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That’s why, almost daily I share with you tutorials of people i follow amazing, because I believe that the more knowledge we spend, the more we learn and that’s exactly how it is with me.

So I want to once again praise these amazing works that I share and I would like to point out that the image credit and the tutorial is intended for the official website that once again you will check with us by clicking here.

Sheep crochet bag
Sheep crochet bag