Aidan’s Radiating Diamonds Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


Starting our series of styles, let’s talk about clean decor. It is practical, beautiful and refined, combining simplicity and sophistication with environments. Option for those who like more modern environments, which visually appear to be larger. This is a style that avoids excesses (of colors and elements). In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Aidan’s Radiating Diamonds Blanket.

Straight lines and predominantly neutral colors give a contemporary, modern, cheerful air and a feeling of warmth, freedom and freshness to the environments. The reduced amount of furniture also allows people to move around spaces more easily.


We recommend caution when choosing this style, because if the environment is not well designed, the appearance may be a little “dull” and lifeless, remember this. To avoid this, it is important to choose strategic points and include some colorful details (in moderation so as not to run away from the proposal).

A plant of remarkable species, for example, is a discreet option to achieve this effect and still give freshness to the space, avoiding the possible monotony of clean decor, which helps a lot.

The floor can be made of light-colored wood or porcelain. The walls that best represent the clean style have pastel tones such as sand, ice and white, which are very beautiful. These colors collaborate for the effect of enlarging the environment and also for better lighting.


The lighting project is very important, because a clean decoration requires light, natural or artificial, that meets the needs of the day and also of the night. Recessed lamps, special lamps, highlighting a specific environment, light and light curtains, large glass windows and large mirrors are good options for lighting this type of environment, so keep them in mind.

Isn’t that still your style? You can search the internet to see decoration styles that you like and want to know better. Follow our post with decoration tips and several beautiful free patterns that we always separate for you.

Free Pattern Available: Aidan’s Radiating Diamonds Blanket