Pattern Long Crochet Dress


I started to like crochet through photos of beautiful pieces that left me enchanted and willing to do too. I bought the first needles and thread of my favorite color to learn, I found it very fun and satisfying to be learning something new and not give up. After researching more about the subject of crochet and seeing more work besides crochet flowers, hearts and pets that I liked a lot, I started to see blankets, rugs and pillow covers that are very common.

I saw several subjects of how the practice of doing something is important, crochet for example, has many benefits, many things that it provides us that goes beyond making pieces, are benefits for our health and our well being. Craftsmen also use their crochet to earn extra income for the month, helping with household expenses.


Benefits of Crochet

In addition to helping to earn extra income, there are other benefits of handicrafts, not only crochet, such as, for example, it reduces stress because when practicing, the person becomes more relaxed, calmer making the stitches, one by one, so go relaxing. It prevents diseases, decreasing anxiety and may even be a cure for depression.

To make the stitches, attention is needed, and this greatly improves concentration and reasoning. Handicrafts evolve a lot on this side of the person, as well as motor coordination, helping to prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In the case of the elderly it is great, as it avoids having many illnesses and also reduces the feeling of loneliness, staying active, having goals and targets with the patterns so they feel useful and happy.

For those who have high blood pressure it is also good, for relaxing and calming the person, giving a feeling of well-being.With the practice also that moves the hands and arms, it makes the musculature firmer and stronger by working the muscles.


Pattern Long Crochet Dress

A tip for everyone and especially for beginners, is that you should not start your crochet by pulling the thread that comes out from the side of the ball, most people at the beginning make this mistake. After crocheting for a while you will be able to notice that the thread is all wrapped up, thus causing stress and even stop doing it for a small thing, for taking patience with a simple thing to learn and solve, so I’m already teaching you before, a good tip.

The ideal is to start your crochet by pulling the yarn from the middle of the yarn, so the yarn will come out easier and will not wind up making you waste time tidying up all the time. Good tip for not wasting time on these details and getting stressed. And before you start doing it, look to see if there is anything that can get in the way, either on the wire or in the place where it is, get comfortable. Rings and bracelets can tangle and cause the thread to fray and disrupt your work.

This dress that I brought here today, is a long crochet dress for adults, it is simply amazing to make and its result is to leave anyone with eyes shining. It takes a few months depending on your free time to crochet. It is of intermediate level, after a while it is easier to make the same combinations of the pattern several times.

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Below I leave the link I found on the website with information on how to do it and I also left here the graphics that can save and do without errors, save the graphic on your computer and can print if it gets better. I hope you like this pattern as well as it caught my attention.

Pattern Written ☞  Long Crochet Dress