Pattern Crochet Marguerite Blanket


Working with your hands develops motor coordination. Furthermore, when developing an object, your feeling of satisfaction is more intense and lasting than buying something ready-made. Concentration and creativity are essential for those who make crafts and crafts. Knitting, for example, keeps the brain active and the mind creative. Doing handwork is a great intellectual exercise for seniors, as it activates brain functions that deteriorate if not stimulated.

Many people start crafting as a hobby and discover potential customers from friends and close associates. Today, manual work, the so-called “handmade”, is being highly valued in a world where everything is done by machines. When you devote part of your time to making objects, your critical sense for details develops and you begin to notice things in the world, in nature that you didn’t notice before.


It is highly recommended for all ages, especially the best age. Crochet Blanket This wonderful little blanket is simple to make and perfect for anyone new to the art of crochet. It’s worth investing in this work because the end result is incredible. After you make this beautiful blanket, you can make other pieces to match like a cute crochet shoe in the same colors.


About Pattern Crochet Marguerite Blanket

The depth of these works are wonderful and different and you can use easy stitches to make the final result is totally unique and harmonious for decoration. Crochet has several strands and is very malleable, so it is possible to do work like this, the colorful 3D stitches to brighten quilts, blankets, quilts and other types of work. 


This pattern is very beautiful and delicate, it has an incredible designer. In the photo above I left a model of the pattern ready to see how it looks in the final result, this one in beige color, more neutral and even so it was beautiful. And you can make whatever color you prefer, patterns like that can make the center of one color, and the edges of another. Choose new colors, new yarns and colors that surprise with the result. Making colorful pieces leaves the piece and the details with a fun, cheerful and light touch, making a crochet quilt makes us warm on cold days, it’s perfect besides decorating the room, it warms us up.

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This work is of an intermediate level and is really beautiful. You can use this pattern to make a tablecloth or you can also make beautiful pillow covers, it looks so beautiful. Make a combination for your living room, making a crochet blanket with pillow covers made with this pattern, it will be very beautiful and interesting. Choose the colors after you’ve chosen the work you’re going to do to make it easier to match later with your environment, if not in color, which is different in these situations.

Improve your knowledge and skills by practicing and thus creating new pieces. You are able to create many things with your hands, believe me. This wonderful pattern will look beautiful in your home. So, separate all your material and let’s put it into practice and learn more. Below I leave the link to share with everyone the step by step all written and with a graphic at the end to get better to understand and learn. If you liked this pattern, then take advantage of each information and do beautiful work, with dedication we can do everything, always remember this. Good job everyone and bookmark our site, we have news every week here.

Free Available Pattern: Marguerite Blanket