Marguerite Blanket


A couple’s bedroom is an environment that should emphasize romanticism and well-being. When decorating, it is important to define a style of decoration that pleases the couple. Most couples’ bedroom designs focus on neutral colors, a solution that appeals to both men and women.

The main difficulty concerns the available space, which can be restricted, especially in apartment plans. Here are some tips and inspirations that you can apply to your residential project. In this post you will see tips on this and we will make the pattern of a beautiful Marguerite Blanket available.

Choosing the bed is one of the first steps when starting to furnish a room: for a small room, choose a standard double model with the narrowest dimensions. The queen and king models are ideal for larger spaces.

You can design furniture with drawers and niches below the bed, earning extra space for storing bedding, pillows, blankets, jackets and other items. Low bed models are ideal for small rooms, they don’t weigh in the composition and make the wall stand out.

Colors also play an essential and special role in decorating the environment: what is recommended for small rooms are neutral colors such as white, gray, light and pastel colors – they reflect the light and make the room very beautiful and enlarged. Darker shades should be used with caution so as not to make the look heavy.

The wardrobe is another piece of furniture that is essential when furnishing any room: although it has a large volume, it can be functionally designed to help you perform everyday tasks with much more comfort and practicality.

Focus on models with sliding doors, without as many details as handles and apparent drawers. Mirrored door models are popular and value space.

Choose from models that fit the available circulation space around the bed, preferably with drawers and niches for storing items you frequently use only.

It can be replaced by a small desk designed furniture for example. Remember that focusing on simplicity is always the best alternative when decorating environments with small areas.

In your narrow double bedroom design, you can for example fix shelves above the headboard and the space can have a small circulation area around the bed. You can also use a folding wall table, it can be a solution to give more versatility and autonomy when supporting an object.

You may choose to use custom-designed furniture to support the bed mattress and have a small desk on its side. A smart solution for a place that doesn’t have a dedicated table.

Free Available Pattern: Marguerite Blanket

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