Sunrise Sunset Afghan


Whenever you can, look for something to learn more, gain more knowledge for personal and professional growth. Always be attentive to what’s new, what’s hot on social networks, on the internet and try to learn, get to know and at least know what’s new in the current world. Here on our website we have many beautiful things, interesting patterns from the basics, important to know, learn to the most complex, delicate patterns and all levels of skills and difficulties.

Our website is very complete and always seeks different patterns to be made to have for all tastes and all types of pieces with crochet. Our pattern today is a crochet blanket, blankets made from crochet is a very beautiful work and useful, because it will not only decorate your room or keep a memory but it will keep you warm in the cold, keep cozy and warm. Making a blanket takes a little longer to finish, it is very satisfying to see the result later.


Whenever I have more free time I get a blanket because I think it is very beautiful and I also like to give loved ones a useful piece, in addition to decorating the environment. The pattern I leave in this post today, is a very beautiful blanket and it is not complicated to make as it seems, the textures and drawings give a beautiful finish to see, below I leave a photo of how it will be ready.

About the Pattern Sunrise Sunset Afghan

The pattern, as you can see, is a beautiful blanket called Sunrise Sunset Afghan because of its sun design. It is not difficult to do, it is quiet and fun because it is made by squares that come together to form the blanket of the size you prefer. Many people look for blankets to buy, so for those who sell it is always good to know and make blankets of different colors, sizes and models. This pattern is to delight everyone with its design and light and delicate result.

In addition to decorating your bed or that of your children, it warms you up in the winter as crochet bedspreads are warm. It will make the environment beautiful and cozy. A tip that you can use this pattern to make are also the pillow covers of your room, it will be beautiful to do with the blanket. Don’t forget to use soft yarn.


Regarding the colors used or combinations, the choice is quite free, you can make the color you prefer to do if you want to do something matching your decor, matching the colors of the room so as not to be anything disproportionate, you must pay attention to details. Take colors that will be in harmony with your room so that your environment will be more cozy. If it is a child’s room, you can make colors that will be combined with the most fun and cheerful environment, these are different situations.

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To make this pattern, I am leaving a link below that has all the information about the pattern, with the abbreviations, with the written step by step, all explaining how to make each stitch, career etc, complete for you. Enjoy it because it is easy to understand the pattern, I hope you like it and do beautiful work with it. Leave comments on how this experience was, share it with friends and see you in the next pattern, thanks for visiting. Kisses and good work to all.

Free Available Pattern – Sunrise Sunset Afghan