Beautiful Scarf of Crochet


For today I have a tutorial that I was researching a lot because with that time the first idea that came to me was to wrap up the neck with a super easy and fast crochet scarf that is great to do. The good thing about the scarves is that most are used only one stitch across the scarf and one stitch to make the finish. The beauty is in the point that is made but also in the choice of the yarn to see the texture, and of course the colors and combinations that you make in your work.

The next season is loved by some people and hated by others, but it has the beauty of crochet attached to all the other seasons, each with its crochet pieces and scarf that makes you very elegant. For us who love crafts and we are crochet lovers we like and use crochet all year long. Inquiring about this, I separated a tutorial for you to sweep in winter and also to warm up and still with piece of crochet made by yourself, nothing more rewarding than that.


For the wonderful crochet tutorial of today, it was a research that was the first idea that came to mind joining the useful being with the pleasant is not really. The pattern I bring to you today is a beautiful scarf that you will love, I’m sure. Above is a photo of how it is ready, great for wrapping the neck with this crochet scarf that is great also for people who are starting out in crochet because it is easy and super fast to do.


There is not so much point variation to make this pattern so it’s great. The beauty of this crochet pattern is in choosing the colors you will wear on it, a smooth or textured yarn or even using those blended colors that leaves a fantastic result. We can mix the colors or use those skeins that already come mixed the colors that we have available in the craft stores, thus getting easier and gives the chance to do a beautiful crochet work with style, charm and also a lot of elegance.


Impossible for someone not to like an even more crocheted scarf. The scarf is a fashion accessory. It is an old fashion that began to be used in Ancient Rome but always charming and has become a fashion accessory for both women and men.

It is very common to see him in everyone’s wardrobe, especially on those colder days. It is a fashion accessory that makes you much more stylish, so enjoy this pattern. Besides warming our body it gives us a charm in the look, and can be adapted whenever you want to change. We can choose in thicker or finer yarns, textured or blended yarns as you prefer. For us who love handcrafts in this case crochet, we can make and create pieces as ideas come up day after day.

Dimensions: width 180 cm, height 44 cm

Necessary materials

150 g Rohrspatz & Wollmeise “blend” (70% wool, 20% cashmere, 10% polyamide, 500 m / 150 g) of the “Mont Blanc” color.

Circular hook 4 mm – length 80 cm


Pin block

The density of knitting (alloy): 17 stitches = 10 cm (after wet blocking)

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