Curve It Up Log Cabin


Hello internet friends, how nice to have you on our site where we have all the best about the crafts that we love so much. People who already follow us and who always sees our patterns and news already know that we are like a novelty here on our site that is the quilt or how to know as patchwork.

I was researching and found thousands of beautiful works of this type of crafts that we can also do quietly. We already have many available here for you that I left on this quilt craft, after a check.The quilt is very easy to make too, there are people who find it even easier to do than crochet because they are cut and stitched fabrics in one another and thus forming works of art.


Already the crochet must have a greater attention in relation of the points that if different already appears in his work. Many people who have never done this kind of work that they are enjoying very much and have increasingly praised and if interested by it, I’m sure you will also like, so let’s go for another adventure, get your materials

Today’s pattern is a beautiful quilt that can be modified in many ways, known by the name of Curve It Up Log Cabin. The design makes me think of several things and ideal for the finish and also in several jobs that I can do with this pattern. Our imagination influences a lot so have some time just for you and for you to have new ideas of new arts and even pieces that you already have that we can innovate.


We can either do a great job to use as quilts, or we can use as decoration by leaving on some wall that you want to change. You can also make only one block so you can use it for other things you want. Sometimes we create things that we have never seen and it is simply beautiful, as in crochet the quilt can also do as you want the color or change something of the pattern to be as original as possible.

This block begins with attention in the center design that is formed with the pieces of fabric. Crafts teaches us that we can do much more than just what we show on paper, we can do works with our own way of changing when we want, so we create original works with our own hands.

The colors are also totally free, I read since a woman said that the change of colors can change until the direction of the pattern that for example placing in the center a fabric of red color and other yellows thus giving a light like it was fire. Already different that if you put a lighter color as a rose would already completely change the harmony of your work, then the color you make will change well what it will convey.

Here is a block from the Curve It Up Log Cabin Block that has done many beautiful works. Now I leave you photos to be inspired and give new ideas and for those who like it can see the video tutorial below with the complete step by step, enjoy and make beautiful patterns. Until the next pattern here on our site, good work to all of you.