Pattern Rainbow Afghan


How much peace can a sunset bring? And how does it feel to look at a pot full of gold coins? No matter where the yellow is, the fact is that it always conveys feelings of fullness, joy and prosperity. Best of all, all this positive color intensity can be used for interior decoration, from the lightest to the most vibrant tones. In this post, we’ll talk a little more about it and teach you how to make a beautiful Rainbow Afghan. And of course today’s post will give you all the tips on how you can make blankets and decorate your room with the colors in it. Follow with us:

Making a crochet quilt offers you an amazing job as it helps you develop your skills with your hands improving coordination, as it is a big job, which makes many stitches and longer to finish, this makes you improve your techniques, being great for professional growth. The quilt is an art, where we can do it our way, thus allowing us to produce amazing works with our hands and delight everyone around us and of course, being a great gift to give to a loved one.


Crochet is a very old craft, which is practiced until today and is still much more used. Using only a needle, thread and you can make beautiful pieces or if you want to add something to decorate more, you can use ribbons, crochet appliqués and whatever you prefer. If you are looking for a different and beautiful pattern, here is the right place, get your stuff and get started right away.


Pattern Rainbow Afghan

Today’s pattern is a beautiful pattern that can make a wonderful blanket for your bed or for someone you want to give. He has a designer of shells and that look like rainbows, very beautiful to decorate the room and change the environment. It is a unique work that is highly praised by crochet artisans. Very beautiful, fun to make and it looks beautiful.


Before starting to make the stitches, it is very important that you choose what you are going to do, the piece you want to manufacture. Because it is made entirely, it is not made by squares that are joined together, it is entirely the quilt. Or if you are not going to make a quilt, you can use this pattern to also make pillow covers, rugs, bags, and other things that your creativity innovates. Think and do it calmly and let it flow. With little cost, little material can make beautiful crochet pieces.

After making your choice, let’s start working on this beautiful pattern, choose the colors you want to use and buy more if necessary, separate the scissors and your needles, don’t forget to see if it’s in good condition! Making handicrafts, and in our case crochet, is a delight, we occupy our minds and relax. In addition to being able to create pieces, it gives us a distraction and better health, and if it sells it can make money in the end.

In the photos are a color inspiration, do as you like. If you liked it then grab your materials and let’s go to the pattern, in the link below you will find the entire written step by step, several tips and also a graphic to help. Enjoy every information. Decorate your room in a nice and cozy way, and of course warm up in this cold with pieces made by you, you won’t regret it.

Free Available Pattern: Rainbow Afghan

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