Pattern Stained Glass Afghan


Hello crochet friends, all who love this craft just like me. I hope everything is going well with everyone’s work, welcome here on our website, I really like to be here doing a post for everyone and receiving many visits. We should always be practicing new things, new patterns, new challenges, thus increasing your coordination with the needle and yarn, improving your practice of making the stitches and making it easier to do any other work.

Making a decoration with crochet pieces is and has always been a guaranteed success, especially in the year-end decorations, between Christmas and New Year. This date so special and decorative representing a symbol of light and Christmas has a super charming atmosphere for everyone, isn’t it? and I’m even happier with the decorations because we can make pieces with our own hands, both indoors and outdoors. Since always, many years ago, crochet has been occupying its space in the decoration, and over time it has been modernized and gained strength, integrating itself into the decoration regardless of the style.


We can make small pieces or big pieces, regardless of size, they will change the look of your environment and be able to please everyone even in different styles! With our creativity it is always possible to decorate any room in a simple and original way with our craft that we love, which is crochet. In this post we are going to talk about a very beautiful pattern that you can use in various things or make a beautiful Afghan stained glass.

About Pattern Stained Glass Afghan

As you can see in the photo above, today’s pattern is of several squares that look like a colored window. This pattern is well known and I see many pictures of work done with this stitch, one more beautiful than the other. As I always say, creativity commands everything, we can create many new things besides just making an afghan, in addition we can make coats, blouses, skirts, shawls, sofa or baby blankets, bags, I’ve even seen a photo of socks with this pattern, finally, using our imagination and our skills we can go a long way and create original pieces.


In the photo, I left a color combination model that is the most loved combination on the internet and reigns supreme on pinterest, take a look at the new color options that people have already made, they are beautiful to see the results and the versatility of crochet . This colored window in the pattern is like the original windows that have colors, very common in churches, it’s an idea about that. Of course, you can make any color you prefer, both on the inside and on the edges.

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Before starting, choose which piece you will make using this pattern and then choose the colors according to what you are going to do, pieces for use or for decoration, neutral or more cheerful. Do it your best way and your way, if you want something lighter, you can make the borders white or a lighter color instead of black or brown as in the photo.

If you liked and found this work interesting, go to the video tutorial I left below, it has every step by step explaining each part to make this beautiful work. Make the most of it and get inspired, do beautiful work and share with friends. I hope you like it a lot and make beautiful pieces, kiss and good work for everyone.