Stained Glass Afghan


The decoration with flashing lights is a guaranteed success at the end of the year, between Christmas and New Year. This light-filled decorative element radiates a warm and charming climate for both indoor and outdoor environments. However, in recent years, it has been gaining strength and has also integrated décor throughout the year, with revamped, modern and even minimalist versions able to please the most different styles! With creativity it is possible to decorate any room in a simple and original way. In this post we will talk about it and still teach you how to make a beautiful Stained Glass Afghan.

Besides being an object of very easy access, the number of models in the market is very varied. Among the most usual are: curtain, waterfall, colorful and specials such as balls, origami, flamingos, pineapples, cacti among others. The current model is the darling of the time and reigns absolute for its versatility, as it assumes formats of drawings and words, becomes photo support as clothesline, highlights furniture and objects, etc.

And it’s about these lights that our post today focuses on! First and foremost, as always, below are some punctual considerations so as not to err in the composition and time to position them, so you can leave your decoration organized and beautiful. Come on?

Secondary lighting: Consider using them inside bottles, pendants or glass containers as lamps and at the bottom of the shelf to make them stand out! The advantage is that it does not require any change in the electrical part of the house, a viable option for those who want to upgrade their home or decor! To decorate the house at Christmas with flasher: Just as in interior decoration, the flasher takes various shapes and can be applied to specific areas or the iconic tree.

But as the date is special, allow yourself to overdo it a little. It is worth including it in the bell jar, supper centerpiece, metal star, crib, garland, vase. That is, the more light the better! Flasher decoration in the room: it is one of the favorite rooms to decorate with flasher. And it makes a lot of sense: at the head of the table, like a wall-mounted clothesline, around the mirror frame, on the side of the bed, no matter how you use them, they’ll look amazing.

This helps in creating an intimate mood, perfect for those who want a peaceful night’s sleep to wake up the other day !; Outdoors: Another example of space that gets a lower illumination, ideal to celebrate until dusk! The blinker ensures your presence at children’s parties, barbecue, bridal shower and even weddings! Enjoy its many advantages and delight the guests !

Free Available Pattern: Stained Glass Afghan

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