Crochet Passion Flower


Imagine, as if by magic, the decoration of your home was completely renovated? And the best: at almost zero cost. It would be fabulous, wouldn’t it? And you know what’s most amazing about this story? This is entirely possible in the real world and can be done with a material well known to us all: contact paper. Remember him? Old acquaintance from school days. But here in this post you will see that the role of contact paper goes far beyond wrapping notebooks and you will still learn how to make a beautiful Crochet Passion Flower.

This adhesive film that can be easily found in any stationery and in different colors and prints can be the magic solution for changing the decor of your home quickly, simply, cheaply and super creatively. This is because contact paper has the incredible ability to adhere well to surfaces such as walls and furniture, giving them a fresh look in minutes.


To make the application of contact paper does not have much secret, just requires patience to prevent the formation of blisters and wrinkles preventing it gets crooked and badly done. Want to learn how to do? Then check out the walkthrough below:


1- Clean well the place that will receive the contact paper;
Take measurements of the location that will receive the contact paper so there are no errors in time to use and start cutting If you apply the paper to an entire wall, leave a 10cm left on each side for finishing, so everything will go as it should;


2- Spray on the spot a mixture of three parts water with ½ part neutral detergent to help you; The idea is to really wet the surface to make it easier to apply the paper and to avoid the formation of bubbles, thus leaving everything well done and free from those bubbles that always bother us;

3 – Start gluing the paper in place, for this gradually remove the protective film and with the aid of a spatula or ruler smooth the surface removing bubbles; You can also use a card or something for this service;

4- Make the finishing with a stylus and ruler; Wait for the drying time and the place can be used normally; It is very important to wait for the paper to dry so that the paper does not get out of place and not curl, so it will be perfectly fixed;

5- Simple to apply contact paper, right? This walkthrough can be applied to any project using the adhesive, it requires patience and dedication but the result is surprising in the end. Then just let the creativity flow and create a proposal more original than the other, how about searching for inspirations on the internet?

Free Available Pattern: Crochet Passion Flower US   Crochet Passion Flower UK