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Crochet is always being practiced and innovated, it is present in our daily lives, in decoration, clothing and special dates like Christmas. Christmas is a very special date that I love a lot, it’s one of my favorite dates because it’s where we gather our family, unite everyone and it’s that party. It’s a very good feeling of warmth, affection, happiness to unite the family and also the magic of a Christmas decoration, it’s incredible.

The end of the year parties are loaded with meaning in every part of the decoration and help us to fill with that energy and that joy that we have with our family and then in the new year to wish good things for the next year. Today we will talk about a very beautiful pattern that can be used in your Christmas decoration with your beautiful Christmas tree. The tree is the main item of Christmas decoration and deserves special attention and every detail we put on it becomes more charming.


If you love this date as I do and you also love making blankets, then don’t miss learning this beautiful and charming pattern inspired by the Christmas party. Sort your materials, tidy up your threads and needles and let’s go to another beautiful pattern today. I hope you like it and let’s go.

About Pattern Christmas Around the World CAL

As you can see above, today’s pattern is about a beautiful crochet blanket inspired by the amazing Christmas, a very special and celebrated time for everyone. Christmas is very charming, I love this date, it and the new year are amazing. It’s a very special date for families to get together, have time just for them, talk, laugh and give each other away, away from all the rush of everyday life.


And nothing better than doing something for your decor with the crochet that you love so much and delight everyone in every detail you do in your home with decoration. We can make blankets for the sofa, ornaments for the door or table, ornaments for the Christmas tree, skirt for the foot of the tree. There are many types of Christmas tree, green. white. plastic or even real pinewood being sustainable. In different sizes and materials, but all with the same care and special after decoration.

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There are many patterns of Christmas ornaments made of crochet, it’s just amazing and easy to make and combine, choosing strong, vivid colors and combining in different ways. In addition to the traditional balls, we can use crochet patterns in the shapes of stars, musical instruments, gifts and so on. This pattern of today can be left on the floor of the tree or placed on your sofa or armchair to decorate. Use the colors you prefer too, following the pattern but using the colors you prefer, we leave only an example of combinations to get ideas on how to do it.

If you liked this pattern, then save this post and start making it, increasing your experience with yarns and needles. Below I leave the link where is all the information to make this pattern the way it is in the photo. It has a pdf with all the yarn colors that were used, needle size and final work size, complete material list. And soon after I leave Ravelry’s link with Bizzy Crochet’s paid pattern. Good job everyone and get inspired

Pattern information – Christmas Around the World CAL

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