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Christmas is already coming and with it all that air of charm and magic that comes with the decorations. New Year’s Eve festivities are loaded with meaning and decoration helps us prepare the energy and joy we want for next year. Today we will talk about the decoration with white Christmas tree: The tree is the main item of Christmas decoration and deserves special attention.

Synthetic models (such as the white tree) are practical, sustainable and offer a lot of versatility when it comes to size, textures and materials. In this post we will see more about it and to combine it, you will still learn how to make this beautiful Christmas Around the World CAL.

The color of this tree makes reference to snow at Christmas and goes with everything you can imagine, from fun, glam or minimalist items. Before you get your white tree you need to think of some details to get a harmonic decoration, so before you get any ornaments, check out our general tips on how to spruce up your white Christmas tree:

Size: The first question you should always ask yourself is “Where will I put my white Christmas tree?”. If it is in a limited space or on furniture, think of smaller models. But if you can count on a lot of space and still want the tree to stand out in the environment, it’s worth betting on the traditional big Christmas tree.

Choosing the Ornaments: Your white Christmas tree ornaments can come in many different colors and shapes. In addition to traditional balls, you can use star shapes, candies, musical instruments and whatever else your creativity asks for, let it fly. Colors:

Thinking about the effects caused by colors we can say that white, black, gold or silver ornaments give your white Christmas tree an elegant look with reference to the minimalist style.

The shades of turquoise and electric blue are a very current and very beautiful trend and help you to give a cooler touch or make references to the sea giving that special touch.

With red you can refer to traditional Christmas colors, especially if you combine it with green. Fun colors such as purple, lilac and pink can be added to your décor, which can range from the brightest to the brightest and make your decor look fresh and glam. Other possibilities involve colorful ornaments, gradient and harmonization with the decoration of the environments.

Lighting: You can use the lights as the sole protagonists of your white tree decoration and in conjunction with the colorful ornaments. Be aware of the colors of the lights you will use on your tree, as it is best to use colors that do not contrast very much with the white of the tree, such as yellow and white. An important tip when placing the flasher is to start at the top of the tree and leave it on while you put it in for easy viewing of the whole.

Free Available Pattern: Christmas Around the World CAL

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