Crochet Baby Dress Flower


Hi guys, how are you? I hope you had a great weekend. I’m great, I spent the whole morning researching beautiful patterns to bring here on our website for all of our artisans. I am always happy to have visitors here and also people praising our site as a good and reliable site. I love to receive messages saying that I managed to make beautiful works through the patterns found here. I hope I can always contribute something for everyone here, with tips, videos and patterns.

Searching the internet I saved many interesting patterns that are very useful and cool to make. Who sells crochet baby clothes will love this post today, because it is really incredible. We are always bringing beautiful things to your hobby or increasing your income, I hope you like it too. But before starting the pattern, let’s separate the materials, organize your threads, see what’s missing, see the quality of your needles so you don’t have problems later and hinder your work. As it is a delicate piece it is important to have nothing that can tangle and damage your thread.


Choose a comfortable, cool place that can crochet without any discomfort. I like to stay in my room alone where I can do my crochet and relax, or do it on the balcony where it is fresh, the outdoors gives a greater sense of relaxation, a sense of well being. After choosing the place and organizing your materials all right, then we go to the pattern.

Crochet Baby Dress Flower

The pattern I brought today, as you can see in the photo above, is a beautiful crochet dress that has many details and is composed of flowers, being delicate and beautiful to make the girls even more princesses. This pattern is very suitable for special dates such as a baptism, anniversary, weddings and other important family dates. 

Moms are delighted with this dress because of its details, it is certainly a wonderful piece that they will enjoy making. It is made with flowers but if you prefer to leave without, leaving the dress plain without appliques, it is your preference. You can put other appliqués as you like and think it looks better, as putting heart looks beautiful too. There are countless possibilities of details that you can put on the dress to make your daughter or relative cute at the important moment.


In the case of baptisms, white is a wildcard choice that became traditional on that date. In addition to sets, skirts, the most chosen is the lace and crochet dress that can change as you like the details, you can also use pearls if you prefer. This dress is all detailed, all worked and unique, swirled dress. You can make a combination with a hair band, it looks like a princess. Always innovating in clothes and combinations, however you want.

Make beautiful combinations of red with white, or yellow with white that is too beautiful, for those who sell it is important to have more than one option for customers, they will love it. My cousin has already ordered a yellow and white for her daughter, I will do it to deliver in 3 months, I’ll start tomorrow.

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Pattern graphics

Below I leave 2 graphics to make this beautiful crochet dress pattern for babies and children. It is really charming and after the result is incredible, enjoy and make beautiful dresses to give as gifts or sell. I hope you like it and take the opportunity to see our other posts that I will leave below.