Crochet Blouse in Jacket


If you’ve been following our website for a while, then you may have noticed that here we have various crochet clothing tips and we’ll leave more. Here on our site we have many beautiful patterns of all kinds of work, enjoy and a look at our site in the patterns available. It’s just that this type of crochet work that is in blouse is always trend in all seasons. So if you do crochet work to sell you can do and be inspired by this pattern that we will leave for you today.

There are several models of crochet blouses and in this post we will leave a template for you.Anyone who is always seeing what happens in the fashion world, you may have noticed that the crochet blouses came back with everything and became a trend again.  And if the handicraft had given a devalued to a time ago then enjoy it because it is coming back with everything and in high, so enjoy and make several beautiful patterns to increase your income by selling them. Increasingly, women are enjoying being practical and being able to change and innovate their clothes whenever they want.


To innovate the piece just put a detail like crochet applique, a ribbon, a barred more, put a sleeve or take, what you want to do because there are so many options than to do in clothes made of crochet that do not we imagine We can make various pieces of women’s clothing and accessories such as blouses, dresses, bikini, beach outlet and bags.


Today the pattern I leave for you is that of the photo above which is a crochet top with a long sleeve top, perfect for those cloudy days. Take advantage as crochet clothes are gaining more and more space again in fashion trends and catwalks. The blouses made of crochet are very versatile and can change as you like or your creativity lead, making one clothes more beautiful than the other. Women love the crochet blouse, in fact they do not just love the clothes, they love everything from crochet.


Especially in the cold these long sleeve pieces warm the body and leave you still beautiful. Some pieces even improve appearance. If you have not yet tried to make any piece of crochet clothing you do not know what you are missing out on besides increasing your skills and knowledge. The crochet pieces are a charm and leave all the women elegant with the various patterns that exist, difficult does not like any.

There are a few shops where you sell crochet clothes made handcrafted and have all kinds of you like, from the most simple to the most detailed, casual to formal and gala dresses. Among the crochet clothes the blouses stand out because of the ease of being able to be combined and the ease of being able to use more pieces along with their look.

I leave below the graphics that are used to make that photo blouse pattern, with the graphics it is possible to do properly. Enjoy to improve your techniques and make beautiful sweaters and make of various colors and types and match your looks. Enjoy our fanpage Crochet Love  and always know about our crochet novelties.