Crochet Flower Stitch


Hello friends, today Crafts Loved blog is with more news for you, I know that many are waiting to see our news and even ask if today would have pattern and we have yes of course, we are always here to help and we learn together new things and improve our works. This technique of crochet is an old technique and that was very taught from mother to daughter, always had grandmothers who made crafts and one of them was the crochet. And nowadays crochet is very common, being of interest of all the ages not only of old people or the mother teaching to the daughter.

I know that those who make handicrafts always keep the house full of materials and lack even space to store, but it is always good to save to be able to use in other projects as well. Store in a box your hooks and your wires for next patterns. Here at home is that way, I leave in an always organized chest, I really like to organize everything to find me better. The imagination counts a lot also when it comes to organizing a space to save because we can invent ways to organize things even more.


I have many lines saved from other jobs in transparent boxes that I leave separated by color to get more organized, so being good to choose the color for the next pattern. For those who have started with crochet, it is important to start with a light color and simple stitches so that afterwards it will improve, because the light color lets you see the point better, it is just a tip.


Who is the longest in crochet is already accustomed to the colors and will not make any difference because with any color will be able to do the technique you want and can venture into more elaborate work and use your creativity. You can even create your own pieces, because the crochet is very versatile that allows us to do various works with our way and taste.


These days I was seeing pictures of crochet blouses and I found it very interesting since I had seen very well made and elaborate crochet blouses that I wanted to do too and went to search. I found this pattern of blouse different because it is made each square and then united forming the blouse. You can make the color you want to make more colors but always make the squares of the same size and matching between them.

To vary the size simply increase or decrease the amount of squares to crochet and in the end join them as the graph shows. Make beautiful pieces with this square as not only sweaters but shawls, couch blankets anyway, what your imagination send and what you like and if you sell you have to see what will please your customers.

Learn how to do with the chart that I leave for you down here, pay attention to the points not to make mistakes. You can use this square to do other jobs you want, enjoy. It is a very beautiful and delicate point, I hope you like it too. Enjoy our fanpage Crochet Love .