Pattern Granny Square Crochet Jacket


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And how are your projects in this pandemic? for people who are not working at home, they have more time to practice different stitches and patterns, so they advance more in this world of crafts and also occupy their heads with this phase that we are going through. It is a very good hobby that brings many benefits to us.


Pattern Granny Square

The pattern I bring today is a beautiful pattern, very useful and the best of all is that it is very easy to make, being an opportunity for everyone who is starting, to make this beautiful crochet jacket. It seems that it is difficult due to the size, but it is composed of several squares of crochet, being united until obtaining the size of the jacket you want, bigger as an overcoat or smaller. Very simple and beginner points.


If you already know how to make Grandma’s square then you will be able to make this pattern without any difficulty. It feels great to be able to make your own clothes, to keep warm in the winter. This Granny Square Crochet Jacket pattern is really charming and very successful, making it a beautiful coat. I’m sure you will love making this pattern.

Above I left a photo of how it looks in the final result, if you want to decrease it, just make one row less than square, or if you want to increase it, make another row of granny’s squares. They are very easy to do and quick. Choose the colors that suit you best for the jacket, on the internet you have several different color combinations, one more beautiful than the other. You can find lots of ideas, it’s really fun to do.


As I always say to all my friends and I also say on the internet, we should always practice. Practice easy patterns and also new patterns that challenge us. Do smaller jobs and also big jobs like a bedspread. This granny square is very well known, as it is one of the first patterns that a person learns and also when a quilt was made with it, it became very well known. It is used in many things besides the bedspread such as jackets as I brought today, sofa blankets, rugs and other clothes such as blouses, skirts and socks to warm our feet at home.

Crochet Granny Square Jacket Video

The result of this pattern is just incredible, at first it doesn’t look like it will look so beautiful and original with the chosen colors. I leave below a video tutorial complete with all the information from used needles, threads and the step by step of the crochet jacket. With the video we can come back if you have any questions and also see in practice how to do it. I hope you liked it and make beautiful pieces with this pattern.

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A good option to make and sell, to have an income, as it is a very useful pattern and any woman who does not like new clothes is not. Good work to all and have fun in the production of the coat.