Crochet Rattle for Baby Bear


Today the tutorial is more than cute, every child piece crafted in crochet squander a beauty and surreal delicacy, this rattle worked in the bear drawing is the most beautiful thing you will check out today.

As every mundane already knows I have a boy son of almost 02 years so seeing this piece of course I was going to scratch myself to do for him. People I’m just in love, it’s who to see Bernardo playing always asks where I bought it.


Another interesting thing about this model is the points, although being rich in detail was super easy to do and from the same point you can give wings to your imagination is to create other characters

Tutorial on crochet rattle for baby bear
Tutorial on crochet rattle for baby bear

As my son’s name means strong as a bear I simply loved and made two of different colors, it’s Bernardo’s favorite toy and I’m sure it’s more of a successful sales piece.

The level of difficulty of the production of this model I found intermediate, but it is very easy you should pay attention only to the past observations in the tutorial and goes away that the world is yours.


Another very cool thing is the economy of the piece, I did not spend almost material, so for sure this model is an excellent for marketing in the market out.

This is because you will invest little time manufacturing various models equal and little material, so can invest the money of sales of this item in other parts, it is a piece also of fast turning.

Excellent gift for moms who look forward to the arrival of the baby, so it’s worth checking out another amazing tutorial.

Another thing I would like to point out is that the children’s branch for crochet is very promising, just think as a consumer, be you a mother and enter a store with a piece all worked by hand, I drink not to take, especially when the money is short.

In the old day it was like this, I didn’t know how to do it, now I can’t see a crochet model in the men’s clothing market that I already reproduce for my son.

It’s detail let’s face it that are not cheap pieces, children’s clothing already has its cost, being in crochet then.

The cool thing about the children’s business is that most pieces are very easy, versatile and very fast to produce, following the step by step you can already do something very cool and sell, the turning of these items is also very promising.

So beginner crocheter, being you are starting now and do not have much skill in the market, I invite you to know well our site and rummage through the tutorials of children’s pieces that will help you start training and understand how crochet works.

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Also, it’s impossible a children’s play gets stuck with you, this because any mom gets in love with the richness of detail, just look at today’s tutorial photo is to see how rich crochet is.

The manual work in fact is something to make anyone passionate, I would like to point out that the tutorials we share on the site respects the credit of designers, the model we bring today is exclusive credit of the official website that you will be able to check together with us today by clicking here.

Tutorial on crochet rattle for baby bear
Tutorial on crochet rattle for baby bear