Tutorial white dress crochet trend for summer


We can not fail to mention that the whole piece made in crochet is an incredible trend and now for the summer you can bet on increasingly delicate, sophisticated and tasteful looks reproduced in crochet.

Today we brought an incredible novelty made by a professional who has fairy hands, this is because just by looking at the photo you can see the richness of details of the piece.
Made exclusively by manual labor that will leave you in love, just like I am.


We don’t even have to say that crochet is an art of turning the needle thread into pieces that will keep your mouth open.ust look at the wealth of details in the tutorial and you will be surprised.

JIt is not to stop there, certainly anyone who looks, will be falling in love with that white dress that is seen by the eyes of an entrepreneur is a rich piece to be commercialized.
Trend in summer fashion, at events, especially at parties, just combine some accessories and this white dress is perfect for any moment.

In addition, the points taught in this tutorial can let your imagination flow to the reproduction of other models, other pieces. Even if you are a beginner, do not be alarmed by the size or the richness of details.


The tutorial we found today for you, will help you from the starting points, to the most complex to create this new trend. Here we will work with the white line, but you can reproduce it in other colors of different types.

In addition, the only thing you will need to start making this piece is thread and proper needle, then following the points and the step by step guided by the tutorial will be all that is needed just your time and dedication to produce the same.

Ah, another amazing thing about this model is that it is fascinating, it is reproduced in crochet, it shows elegance, sophistication, lightness, delicacy and great taste.

It is very versatile, can be used on several occasions as long as there is a harmony between the shoe and the accessories, that way it will come out an incredible piece.
The commercialization price of this product is also very nice, so as not to go around reproducing all the colors, it is interesting to work with it, at least two models ready to deliver and the others you can execute by order.

After the first one is ready, I recommend that you have a model and make a photo of how the piece looks on the body, I’m sure there will be no shortage of orders for you.

Because it is simply a wealth of details, excellent option for gift, a beautiful piece for you to have in your studio, even if you are a beginner you will be able to reproduce with what is taught without difficulty.

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As I have always mentioned, practice will make you perfect, so take your free time, practice a lot, follow our tips and always check out the excellent crochet content that we bring on the portal, that you will surely be able to recreate beautiful pieces and passionate as much as it is.

Check out the step by step below on how to create a white crochet summer trend dress on the official website .