Cropped Top Crochet Pattern For Summer


Practicing crochet releases the hormone responsible for the sensation of pleasure and well-being, in addition to reducing the hormones that cause stress. For this reason and others that crochet is one of the treatments indicated for depression and for those who have anxiety, thus keeping the brain busy and concentrated, active. I believe that everyone who is here does crochet but knows people who do not, and if this is the case, indicate the practice of crochet without thinking twice.

Encourage to start or at least try to do something, some small work to finish quickly and see the result, this stimulates a lot to want more and making it very interesting. For professional artisans who sell their pieces, they must always be aware of the news and innovate their catalog of parts and product stock, thus increasing the variety and sales, attracting new customers always. One tip is to publicize your pieces on the internet, people now mainly in this pandemic phase, stay a lot on the internet so online sales have grown a lot, now everything is online.


And that brings practicality for people who prefer to see on the internet than going to the store saving time. You can always innovate patterns, this is great for crochet, changing colors, details and making it different and original. Today the pattern is beautiful and for your wardrobe, is a cropped top in crochet that looks beautiful on the body to receive many compliments from everyone and your artisan friends will love it, the girls love this piece of clothing.

Crochet Cropped Summer Pattern

To make this pattern you will spend almost nothing: scissors to cut the threads, crochet threads of the color you prefer, and you must also choose the thickness you prefer, of a crochet hook with the size you think is best to work with, if you get a needle thin the point gets smaller, or the other way around. Just that, it’s great how spending with yarn you can make your own clothes leaving the piece very cheap at the end and made by your hands.

This cropped is a single front with a mooring on the back, making only the front, composed of easy stitches to make and at the end the result is this delicacy that we can see in the photo above that I left the model ready.


I’m sure you will like to make this pattern, I started and I’m already enjoying the quick result because it’s just the front. Great to wear in the summer being a warm outfit, to wear on the beach or even with a jacket over it, it looks too beautiful and charming. This pattern model is the first time I bring it here on the site, we always have to test doing new jobs, challenging ourselves with new ideas. Choose the color to make thinking about the looks, I like white, black or light colors,, it is easier to make combinations of looks and look wonderful.

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Below you can find the graphic I found of this cropped one that has the explanation of the whole piece of how it is done. Save the photo and print larger to see the dot count correctly so you don’t miss anything. I see our other patterns available with great care here on our website, there are many varieties of pattern models and styles. I hope you enjoyed it, make beautiful blouses and beautiful and beautiful skirt making various combinations of looks. See you later kisses