Tutorial on Crochet Elegant Ruffle Maxi Dress


The long dresses already squander beauty, luxury, delicacy, sophistication and elegance to each other, when made of crochet draw more attention yet is all manual work is more than praiser, the richness of detail is what makes each piece be increasingly beautiful.

Today we brought a very prestigious tutorial, because the piece is in fact a scandal of linda, I confess to you that it took me a month to recreate this model, because it is rich in detail.

This tutorial is really beautiful and amazing, Thank you very much for the designe that made available step by step with us for free, the cool thing is that this dress among all the models I have ever produced in crochet in my life, can be used for events of more elegance and sophistication.

Tutorial on Crochet Elegant Ruffle Maxi Dress
Tutorial on Crochet Elegant Ruffle Maxi Dress

Perfect for more elegant events and very powerful know, such as business meetings and even a wedding, just change the accessories, put on a beautiful jump that you will be ready to rock.

I found this tutorial difficult, do not consider a model easy to produce, by the wealth of detail that contains the piece, moreover even following the step by step I had difficulty, imagine who is starting now in crochet? You’re going to get scared!

So if you are a beginner, I recommend you do another tutorial, because this is complex! More is not a 7-headed animal, having an experience with the needle and thread you will be able to do, but it is obvious with some difficulty.

The pricing of this piece should take into account the amount spent on material and its time, since it is a very laborious piece, I suggest you work with it on demand.

This will help you and a lot when making other models, take into account the work you will have to produce the same.

This dress looks beautiful to be worn during the day at a wedding on the beach, bar zinho by the sea and in places that has sea, is an excellent option for more elegant events, because it has a very social fall.

Tall women get chiquérrimas in a model like this, but nothing prevents the little ones to wear, it is an incredible bet for those who like long dress, so use and abuse this model and I’m sure exposing the same in your atelier will be sales success.

Another interesting thing about this point is that it is quite versatile, from it I’ve thought of other pieces that I can originate in the same way taught, I’m thinking of creating a blanket all crafted in crochet.

Crochet is the art of possibilities, so use and abuse your imagination, follow all the tutorials and do not give up first, especially when being is beginner we know how difficult it is to follow tutorials, I had more difficulty with the practice I ended up reaching perfection.

Check out more amazing tutorials like this one below:

I took a month to produce a piece as it is more I am satisfied, because it really was amazing, the attachment to the piece and so much that I do not even want to sell, I’m thinking of staying with the first model for my person. (Laughs)

Well now we will learn another amazing tutorial that will provide you with a lot of honor in doing, that for sure this dress will be worn in a mega important event, I would like to point out that this model and photo is credit exclusive to the official website and you can check the details of the step by step by clicking here.

Tutorial on Crochet Elegant Ruffle Maxi Dress
Tutorial on Crochet Elegant Ruffle Maxi Dress



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