Crochet flower Granny Square Bed spread


The crochet blankets are trending at any time of the year, if you want to learn a modern and frilled model for any time of the year continue with us until the end of this post, in fact crochet is something that even creativity does not understand, transforming lines and pieces is something amazing.

Today’s tutorial will bring something very cheerful to your life, a very colorful tutorial that is worth, I started to make one because in reality it was a client who introduced me to this tutorial.


I’m still running on the piece, I consider a tutorial easy to develop, but if you are beginner do not advise to do face unless you have willingness to start from start to finish.

Crochet flower Granny Square Bed spread
Crochet flower Granny Square Bed spread

This is because a blanket is already large by itself, so you will need to devote a lot of your time and follow the step by step from start to finish, who is starting I recommend you take smaller tutorials and only come to this at the intermediate level, which then you can intersperse your learning with other models.

I believe that I will take about 01 month to produce the whole blanket, more in fact it is an amazing piece that will be worth it, I say a month, because my goal is to get it whole and only stop when I finish


That is, as long as I do not finish, I do not go to another tutorial, I recommend this to you who is beginner, pick up one piece and only go to another when the tutorial is over is important, as it will motivate you to make many other models.

The cool thing about this point is that it’s repetitive, it helped me to perfection in every career I started and ended and also didn’t make the model tiresome, all the time keeps changing points.

A piece as it is not to have many models in the atelier, because it takes a long time to produce, so normally I advise on making one for dissemination and portfolio and working with others on order, this will save you time and money.

Sale price in a way like this makes it worth all the time spent on producing, so if you’re out there thinking about making you give yourself the greatest strength to start today.

Creativity, crochet is this art, just pick up thread and needle and do whatever you want, it’s a world without geográfic barrier a. You do whateveryou want just have creativity, patience, persistence and know the points.

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As I said at the beginning have a crochet blanket at home is really beautiful, this because each model worked manual wastes a lot of beauty and a job that leaves anyone in love, initially I’m also working on a colorful model, I intend to leave the same exposed on my couch as a decoration blanket, it looks beautiful! I have in the room some pillows worked in crochet so I think the set will bring a lot of delicacy and elegance in the environment.

So stop being accommodating, crochet is persistence, grab needle, thread and a pen to write down the interesting and important stitches and bora know another amazing tutorial.