Autumn Log Cabin Throw


Hello crocheters, I hope you’re okay. I came here to bring a tutorial in crochet different from the common, the pattern we bring today is quite cool, plus super elegant, sophisticated, sexed that will make your environment more beautiful and well stylish.

I like to bring tutorials so because we can with this show that crochet can be inserted into any environment, making it more chic. Because just look at the photo of this lindeza to see how beautiful she is, I confess to you that the point is easy, but it is a piece of work, being you are in search of quick options to produce, this will take a while.


I already did mine and it took on average 30 days to produce, the cool thing about this tutorial is that the piece is stunning, I found beautiful, passionate I just loved it. I really like to do this type of piece, because it has excellent output, but it is a piece that should be made only to order, since it is very laborious

Tutorial pitch in crochet
Tutorial pitch in crochet

If you are a beginner crocheter is want to join this branch is interesting to look at this piece is to be challenge in doing the tutorial from start to finish, I say this because it’s no use taking the tutorial and not completing, this will not motivate you to do or finish new models.

So I dare you to watch today’s tutorial and do with us from start to finish, then I would like you if possible to share your experience with us.


I started in crochet exactly checking and resigning for tutorials, the cool thing is that I stayed day and night following and looking at the pieces until I got it.

This that helped me to do and evolve in the business, I would like to highlight how much crochet is a very promising growth branch, so being you is a person who wants to evolve in this area and would like to learn, it is worth checking out and take a look at the tutorials.

You will notice that each piece made is a rewarding feeling, you know this because you can give wings to your creativity, just pick thread and needle, choose a good tutorial and follow the same from start to finish.

I now own my own business, support myself from crochet and have managed to keep myself through this pandemic.

Something that many people have not achieved because of the high unemployment rate, the cool thing is that I reinvented myself, people I’m technical in job security, I have super level and even then I have not got opportunities for signed portfolio.

The pandemic ended the opportunity we had for income, there is no job or for those who have the best resume, I decided so leave everything behind, stop complaining and learn.

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I lost day and night, straight without sleep, taking care of children, home and my business for today is quieter, working from the comfort of my home and with that take an income that has been sustaining my days and I am grateful to God for helping me in this,  what moved me was persistence, I did not give up.

Knew that I could and that I would get, it was then that I decided to do the site and share what I learn and I think incredible, so my people, bora stop chatting and learn today another very simple tutorial, where the image credits is content is intended for the official site that you can check this incredible step by step. Access the Pattern ☞ Autumn Log Cabin

Tutorial pitch in crochet
Tutorial pitch in crochet