Crochet Gown Dress


Hello crochet friends, it’s good to see you again here on our website, this is a good sign that you liked it and I’m very happy. The weekend has arrived, the last day of the month and we will take the opportunity to find a project to do next month. This moment that is going on in the whole world of a pandemic, we have to be distracted and do something satisfactory and useful for us. The crochet is a satisfaction for me, because when I finish I see the final finished piece I am very happy and fulfilled.

Everyone has at least one piece of crochet at home or in the wardrobe, or knows someone who does. It is well known and used since many years ago. We finished the pattern with a sense of accomplishment, proud of having achieved what we planned, it is very good. Something we do with our hands always makes us proud, not only in crochet, but in other handicrafts, quilt, paintings and also in gardening.


Be it a garment for yourself or someone, something for your decoration, bedspreads, blankets, pillow covers, socks, caps, bags, in short, there are several things we can create with our hands in crochet. Not to mention that crochet lasts for years and years, I have pieces that have passed for 3 generations and are in one piece, this is very sustainable and every year this pattern increases on this subject that is very important for us and for our planet.

About the Pattern

We are producing all the time, many sell their products on the internet for extra income and this is very cool. Take advantage of the quarantine and start venturing into crochet, or improve yourself further to improve your skills. It is very important to pack your materials, see if the needles are good and leave everything close to make it easier to do your job. Especially if you are watching a tutorial video to go doing it together, you should leave all the materials on the table, close to you at the time, so it avoids stopping, getting up and also causing stress and it takes longer to finish. With the materials available nearby you are more relaxed.

Today’s pattern, as you may have seen, is on a crochet dress with a pineapple shape on the waist down part of the dress, the bottom part. This pattern is of intermediate level, but I didn’t find it difficult, it takes a while to do it, but it depends on your free time. A crochet dress brings elegance to the look and also a romantic air, being able to use on several occasions because it is a wonderful and long garment that can be used in various places. He is very delicate and great option to sell and have extra money, women are enchanted.
They can be used with scarves, heels, lower sandals, with larger necklaces or smaller necklaces. it is a look to use at weddings, day or night parties, inaugurations and other special events. It is worth making this pattern because it is very beautiful and unique, I’m sure you will like it.

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Below the link you will find all the information on how to do it, the materials needed to do this work and the graphics to follow. Enjoy and delight everyone, make several colors, your favorite and a white or black that are the ones that go with everything. Thank you for visiting our website, come back often.

Step by Step and Graphic – Crochet Gown Dress