Crochet Baby Blanket Vintage and Bobble Stitch


Before starting work, we must organize ourselves, organize our singing and our materials, never leave to do this when it comes to crochet. Always see what is missing first, if the needle is good and the size you want is good, choose the colors you will use before starting to see if you have to buy it or not, as it may happen to start and finish the thread and then do not find the same color, so organization always comes first.

Take advantage of the crochet to de-stress and have fun, make combinations of colors and tones and you will see that you can make infinite beautiful pieces for your home, or to give as a gift to someone. I always separate beautiful pieces to bring here and share with all our readers and today we are going to make a very beautiful and delicate piece that is used for babies, I love baby pieces I always find it very cute and charming. Remembering that they should use soft threads, the best possible to not hurt the baby.


The stitches are not difficult, most of the people who already crochet will easily make this pattern and will have fun with the mixture of stitches. It is a beautiful and elegant crochet blanket with designs and textures that at the end is charming. So separate your materials and go to the pattern. 

About the Pattern Crochet Baby Blanket Bobble 

Today’s post is very cute, look at the photo every detail that is perfect. It is very cozy for babies, you can also use it as a blanket for the armchairs in your baby’s room or in the crib, at the end of the bed, in short you can use it to decorate the environment making it more cozy and welcoming. I already made a similar blanket and when it was finished I was very happy with the result, it is very incredible and delicate.

It is very fun to do because it will make squares at a time and with different designs and after finishing the squares you will assemble it as if it were a puzzle, joining piece by piece until you finish the pattern or arrive at the size you prefer, the size of this blanket varies a lot because you choose, the more squares you make and unite the bigger it will get. In the photo I left an example and with these quantities of squares to have an example.


In the previous post, I left a model of the blanket too, then go check it out. This post has a mix of patterns, plain squares and squares with the bobble crochet stitch in the shape of hearts, crowns and butterflies that are varied, interspersed in one another. This bobble stitch looks like a cute stitch, it is tall and at the end it looks really cute for your baby, making the pattern more delicate when finished, with a unique design. The colors choose as you prefer, I left this photo that I liked this mixture but you can choose the tones and combinations you prefer, use your imagination.

Well if you liked the pattern then don’t waste time, I left below the pattern link that contains all the necessary information to make, the written step by step and also has the pattern of each square to be able to make it, take advantage of all the information and make beautiful works . Thanks for the compliments I receive on the site, have a great weekend and even next week with more free patterns here.

Pattern Complete – Crochet Baby Blanket Bobble