Tutorial on crochet white dress! Learn More


The white crochet dress is a millennial trend that today ceased to be myth and worn only on wedding days, the versatility of the piece makes it be enjoyed charmingly.

The white dress is classic is can be worn in many events, today we brought a very versatile and amazing model, even is a very beautiful bet if you want to wear for a wedding at the notary.


This all finished piece in hand-made crochet is really beautiful, if used in conjunction with some accessories serves for the most elegant and sophisticated events.

Tutorial on crochet white dress
Tutorial on crochet white dress

At the same time it is a very delicate piece and rich in detail, excellent option for those who will also take walks on the beach and like to enjoy events near the sea.

An excellent look to bet on an important trip, the piece all worked in white line is really beautiful and appreciable, in addition the points are very simple and easy.


I take almost 01 month to make a dress like this, the piece is of median level of difficulty, but has many details, as models see in the photo.

Richness of details on the sleeves, the dress and even the bar is what makes the piece beautiful is very appreciable, it was worth every detail I learned, in addition to the same point I already have other ideas and other models.

It is an amazing dress in fact, it is very fair on the body, all lined leaves the person who is using the same super at will to enjoy the ride or even the event.

The charm is in the sleeves all worked in open and closed points providing this effect that in gradient with the skin really gets a charm.

Another cool thing about this dress is that it caters for all events and you will be on the fashion trend, whether in a more chic event or even in a simpler what will characterize the event is the accessories, because the dress is in fact very versatile, for being white it matches everything is will let it be worn stunning.

I confess that it is a very laborious piece, so in my case I will exhibit in the atelier this model and the other who want to do only on request, since I’ve seen that it is not such a quick piece to produce, but it is very worth it because it really is a beautiful model.

I’m in love, including my sister-in-law who goes home at the registry office came to experience and is in love with him.

If you are a beginner it will take longer than me to complete a piece as is, more recommend that you start and just jump to another tutorial when in fact complete the model, it is important not to skip the steps this makes a lot of difference when being speaks in the learning item is persist, one time you can succeed and hit the whole piece.

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Crochet is persistence, the more you practice, the more you learn and the more you manage to do, initially it won’t be easy anymore in fact with persistence you will be able to achieve your goal.

The tip to start a tutorial is to go to the end, will motivate you to do and learn other pieces, I tell you this because the feeling we have when completing the piece and having it in our hands is really amazing and it motivates us to be able to do more and more models.

So take needle and thread and bora practice with another amazing tutorial, we would like to point out that the credits of the tutorial and photos is destined to the official website that you will check by clicking here.

Tutorial on crochet white dress
Tutorial on crochet white dress