Daisy Granny Square


Hello dear friends, in this article you will learn step by step how to make a Daisy Granny Square, this pattern is very popular and beloved in crochet. You can do several different jobs with them, the result will be simply stunning.

The Daisy Granny Square crochet pattern is wonderful and can be used to make various types of crochet, such as blankets, pillows and bags. Various color matching options can be used and have a simply beautiful texture.


You will definitely be very happy with this pattern. The instructions were clearly written and easy to follow. I particularly love making Daisy Granny Square and what makes me delighted with this crochet pattern is knowing that it can be used in many projects.

Use your imagination to create a fantastic job, my favorite thing to do has always been blankets, I’m sure that with this grandma square anything you do will be really amazing

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Free Pattern Available : Daisy Granny Square

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