Tutorial on crochet summer boho lace dress


Crochet is a very uptrend in summer by the elegance, sophistication and trend of the pieces, the tutorial today is a very amazing dress, all worked in manual details, very suitable to go to events at night, perfect for those who want to enjoy an amazing look and stay fashionable.

I took about 01 month to recreate this by because it is rich in detail, I confess that as a media to meperate I was left with some doubts in the development precisely because the piece is a little complex, but get thanks to persistence and this amazing tutorial conclude, detail Already have some orders.

It really is a dress that is worth having in the wardrobe, this because in fact it is very beautiful. Talking about crochet is a market that has reappeared with everything, being you’re at home is out of nowhere dropped here on our website recommend you see crochet as a future opportunity.

Tutorial on crochet summer boho lace dress
Tutorial on crochet summer boho lace dress

This is because learning crochet you go on to no longer depend on anyone, have your own income, if you become your own boss, don’t need high investments to start is the best, it depends only on you.

As I always speak, After 6 years within a company working in several different areas, not being valued for what I did, I was sent away and found myself without a job after a crisis that paralyzed the world.

With 3 technical trainings and a degree in development, I dropped everything and went to devote myself to crochet that today is my main income, I live on it!

I pay my bills, I support my son, I pay my expenses and all this through crochet, my persistence has made me more independent, I can follow my son closely and today I live happier.

In addition, crochet also took me out of a depression that was ending with me inside, I started exercising my mind, occupying myself and today I healed, I started in crochet as a hobby barely knew how to pick up the needle and today I crochet with my eyes closed.

See how everything in our life changes? It will not be overnight that you will succeed more with your persistence that it will arrive.

I started selling my pieces in door-to-door marketing, in the cold, in the rain and even in the scorching sun.

Today I work in the comfort of my home, I have a space indoors just for that is I feel happier, because people like my work look for me and I do not need to go after customers, they come to me.

Check out other amazing tutorials on our website below:

I’m on the internet today following good designers and having good references, recreating these tutorials and just doing my marketing, with this automatically sales appear.

It’s I tell you how intense word-of-mouth marketing is present in my life, it comes to my person’s orders where the customer brings the photo and I recrio, so I tell you don’t give up first-rate crochet, know that even for those who are starting the market now it’s really promising.

If you want to learn another amazing tutorial withus, click here on the official website where the credits is intended for it.

Tutorial on crochet summer boho lace dress
Tutorial on crochet summer boho lace dress



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