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The famous square blanket will in crochet provide you user with the best possible feeling of comfort, delicacy, warmth and a lot of sophistication because it is a piece that never goes out of style, we can consider a joker model for the coldest days .

Today the tutorial is blanket, but this blanket is different all worked in points in traditional crochet, well colored with black edges.  It really is a beautiful and very laborious piece for the richness of detail.


It’s been about 30 days since I’m manufacturing mine and I believe it takes another 02 weeks is an easy piece, but the richness of detail sands and colors is what makes this model laborious .

Traditional granny throw - yarnspirations

If you are a beginner crocheter and know the basics, I do not recommend starting this piece right away, go to faster and simpler tutorials and then when I had 100% in this business, then yes start making blankets that are much bigger and more laborious.

The cool thing about this model is that it is ugly to warm up, but it can also be used as a decorating utensil to decorate your bed, living room or even gets exposed on top of the sofa.


It is a very cheerful piece for being colorful and the points in fact are very beautiful, do not think that it is an easy and simple piece to do, the richness of detail is what makes this model become complex, before finishing I already received an order, which I gave the delivery time of 02 months because in fact it is a laborious piece to be make and the client that it is much longer.

Now artisan, think of me as a client, let’s have the famous empathy! Would you buy this blanket? If so, it is an interesting piece to be commercial, by the richness of detail and delicacy of it, it will surely have great demand.

We live in a very chaotic moment, with the high unemployment rate and the crazy changes that have been taking place in the world, have you ever thought about investing in crochet as a source of income?

If so, it is an excellent opportunity for you to change your life, of course the whole beginning is laborious and very difficult, more if you have will and persistence, we have enough material around here for you to invest in knowledge and recreate beautiful and profitable pieces to sell.

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This is because it is easy to be in love with any piece in crochet, it is important that you visualize and embrace this opportunity, the market increasingly demanding, CLT employment is difficult and you get stuck to the system nothing interesting, where you will earn very little and be boring.

In crochet over time your growth is scalable, you will manage to reach the high level of the business and will succeed in this branch in fact it all depends on you.

Persist, when you take a tutorial do the same from start to finish and only jump to another when you complete the tutorial you took, this will motivate you to continue in the area and make new pieces, mainly because it is a branch where the return x investment is very interesting.

To help you learn in fact the crochet continue with us in another tutorial below, it is worth mentioning that the content credits is image is intended for the official website yarnspirations that you will be able to check out today.

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Traditional granny throw - by Red heart