Tunic crochet summer dress


The tunics in crochet are trending pieces for summer, joker piece in your wardrobe is a piece that can make you very classic, beautiful and elegant.

Today I brought this tutorial for those modern women who live on the beach and like to is always elegant and beautiful, I took 1 week to make this amazing piece, I believe you also take this time.


This same model can be timprovement for a beautiful summer dress, just put a forró and ready! The piece is very versatile, elegant and very sophisticated.

Tunic in crochet summer dress
Tunic in crochet summer dress

The tunics in crochet are trends in everyday life is can be a pretty cool bet for your looks, I advise you to follow the tutorial to the letter so that the piece comes out perfectly.

The cool thing about this tunic is the versatility of the stitches, I found it difficult, anyone else with more experience can recreate the model in less time.


In addition, it is a piece of great elegance, charm, delicacy and we must not forget the sensuality that this piece composes. Excellent for a trip, resort pass and even beach departure.

It is super worth exposing a piece as est6á in your atelier, for sure will be sales success.

I want to leave an important tip for those who are starting, this piece I consider difficult, but that does not mean that you also have the same difficulty, ideally you follow your intuition if you think you will be able to do from start to finish.

Then do it. The tutorial of this model is very explanatory and you with calm, patience and persistence can be able to follow the entire tutorial, ideally start and end the same, do not jump from one tutorial to the other in search of making several pieces and not completing any.

Another important thing for those who are starting is to train as much as possible as you can the account holders, famous chains that will start other amazing pieces as much as it is.

As I always say crochet is the art of possibility, just pick up thread and needle and let everything flow, easy at first won’t be, more with will, determination and persistence you’ll manage to recreate many patterns as amazing as this.

Also, this is an excellent opportunity for you who want to start your own business, this is because you don’t need a big investment to get started and can start at the moment you want.

Check out some more amazing templates on the following official website:

That is, being you who go in search of your financial independence and be make your own boss, crochet is your opportunity to change your life just as I have.

I tell you it’s not just money, I’m extremely passionate about the art of crocheting,it’snot a toathat I live in it today after so many difficulties I’ve been through in the job market.

Earning little and not being valued in what I did, today when completing a play I reason to continue, because I know I am capable of much more.

Apart from that the word-of-mouth marketing praises me, seeing the comments of my customers in each piece I produce, when receiving the customer always comes with a word of affection and delicacy.

So besides my son this is what makes me continue, crochet is really something that has come to add a lot of value to me and I hope the tips shared here add a lot of knowledge to you as well.

Now enough chat and we go to another amazing tutorial of this tunic, the image credits is step by step is intended for the official website you can check.

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Tunic in crochet summer dress
Tunic in crochet summer dress