Crochet Baby Hoodie


Hello, welcome to our website that is made especially for you, every week I look for new things, beautiful and different patterns for you. I received a lot of nice comments from many people praising and saying that they managed to make some patterns available here on the site, this is great. I saw that many people also improved their health by practicing crochet, making them more relaxed thus controlling high blood pressure and improving hand coordination, thus managing to do more work and more easily each day.

Crochet today has won over many people, and even if time passes, it never goes out of style. On the contrary, the years go by and it becomes more modern and beautiful, that over time people will improve themselves in points and create more beautiful things with more ideas that they can do. In addition to making clothes, crochet is used for decoration such as tablecloths, rugs and also to keep us warm by making beautiful blankets.

Crochet in quarantine

With this phase that we are going through it is complicated and there were many events. With this quarantine to help end this phase and everyone protected, it also led many people to experience anxiety, depression, boredom and stress. With these consequences, the number of people has increased, with this situation that fears everyone, causing problems in mental health.

People with mood swings and worsening illnesses they had before. Depression has increased due to anxiety and the situation of not knowing when it ends. So, take care, take care of your physical health and also your mental health, keeping calm and positive thinking. It has been proven that handicrafts prevent mental illness and prevent anxiety and depression, many people have been cured with the practice of handicrafts, crochet. Because it relaxes the muscles, relieving stress and controlling the pressure, it works the concentration.

So take the time to make new patterns, save new projects and learn many things. We are always researching news and beautiful works that you may like to bring here on our website. So stay home if possible and make beautiful projects. Today I bring a very cute and delicate crochet coat for children.

Crochet Baby Hoodie

As I showed in the photo above, today our pattern is a beautiful children’s coat made with stitches that make a cute designer, a comfortable person. It is really beautiful and delighted everyone here when they saw it, I saved it on the computer as my next project and brought it here to share with everyone leaving it available. The pattern is a jacket with a cap and firmer cuffs to block the wind, making it a great pattern to make for your child or nephew to protect themselves from the cold.

No buttons were used in this pattern, but if you want to make it easier you can do it too, it is your choice. For the artisans who sell their work it is interesting to do it in the normal way with buttons but also to do it that way for people who like something more different. Choose the colors you prefer, in the photo cheerful colors were chosen, a colorful pattern like a child’s coat, cheerful and fun.

But you can also make combinations of two colors or the coat in one color. Use your imagination. If you liked it, do it right now and save it to your favorites, there are other children’s coat styles on the site, then go check it out and you will also like the many models that we have available. Good job and always come back on our website.


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