Crochet Hoodie Jacket


Beauty, sophistication and delicacy allied to children’s pieces is something to make anyone passionate, the tutorial we brought today is very different from anything you’ve ever seen. You know that crochet piece that we look at and were really in love with, this tutorial is like that.

I decided to gift a friend who is to win a girl, is scouring the internet I found this tutorial amazing of course I was in love right away, just to look at the photo give to understand what charm is this piece. The tutorial I brought today is really amazing, from this piece I create with the same point a beautiful dress is also believe I gave to do many other things.


The cool thing about crochet is the versatility of the piece that besides perfect is amazing, we can’t help but mention that crochet is the art of possibilities, i.e. just put thread and needle in my hand that something is created.

I would also like to give a hint to those who are unemployed (a) is want to start their own business, why not invest in crochet?

After all, crochet is the art of possibilities, you with little investment can do everything, including with thread and needle in hand you can make a piece as it is from the photo, amazing is not it?


Another tip I want to leave for those who are starting is, choose a tutorial and follow the same faithfully from start to finish, do not jump to another without having finished the piece.

This is important is will motivate you to start and finish everything you take to do, because it’s no use starting and not finishing, the important thing in any tutorial is to do from start to finish.

Another thing I would like to make clear is to start with what is easier, be you think the piece is too complex, start with an easier one and as you evolve jump to the middle tutorials.

Every piece you can recreate, take photo and disclose is a way to grow, maybe crochet doesn’t turn your main income either.

In the past I thought I would never be able to reproduce any piece, by the complexibility of the points and richness of details, today I can make a piece depending on the size and model in less than a week.

I already receive thousands of orders and I am very grateful to crochet because it is through the same that I take my livelihood.

Another important tip is to see crochet as an extra income opportunity, it was through this low investment art that I learned to have an escape valve and today is my main income.

I keep the house, my business and a one-year-old and ten month old son through the pieces I crochet.

Do you know why I share all the tutorials I think?

That suddenly on the other side of the screen, in front of the computer, has someone living the same story that I lived 6 years ago, lost and having nothing to do, I saw in crochet the opportunity for sustenance and growth.

Today I do what I am passionate about, I live in it and I talk to everyone who wants to start, persistence was my success, I persist to where I did not believe and know that one day I would achieve.

I spent the early hours, training certain points in search of perfection in the production of my pieces, today with my atelier, I no longer need to go sell on the streets, automatically orders through word-of-mouth marketing arrive at me and I live literally from it.

Check out the tutorial Crochet Hoodie Jacket 

Tutorial on Crochet Hooded Jacket Girl