Sunshine Crochet Pillow for Baby


When talking at home and good taste crochet is a very applicable modality, I love to have in my living room and even in my room pillows worked in crochet, besides beautiful are items of very good taste, this model That I bring today through the tutorial that I will share with you is really beautiful.

Let’s recreate a sun model pad, this even the model is sun! Beautiful, very cheerful will provide a charm and elegance to your environment, when talking about crochet in fact I am quite suspicious.


But I like to bring tutorials like that because they draw attention and have an excellent turnover in entrepreneurship, we artisans and crocheters in fact are always allied to marketing, after all the piece That I recreate, I take photo and disclose.

Tutorial on crochet cushion Bernat Sunshine
Tutorial on crochet cushion Bernat Sunshine

This is important because it is creating my name in the business and commending the gorgeous work that is crochet, a needle-only and beautiful art that is transformed into whatever you want, in fact I’m passionate.

I resort to saying that it is not perfect, have you stopped to observe perfection at every point we make?


I was always in love, when i was younger there was a neighbor who made amazing pieces, every scarf to make anyone in love, that’s when I decided next to her to learn.

I’ve been doing crochet for many years, but I’ve actually decided to learn with authority after you come to me, stressed and cornered by the market, no job and no way to support myself.

On a night thinking of life just doing crochet I managed to see far beyond the opportunity and have crochet as income, today as I always speak, I have quality of life.

I lived inside a commercial establishment, earning less, away from my son who at the time was much smaller, super stressed, full of health problems.

I believe everything in life happens to propel us, it’s I’m sure with crochet was no different, it happened and today I feel happy about it.

I thank God for having given me the courage to continue and not to look back, have you seen how we put difficulty in everything? Everything, there’s really one thing we don’t find difficult.

More thanks to my will, my strength to want to grow in this business, today I no longer run after customers, they who seek me, they come to me, looking for orders and news.

If you’re starting out, I want to leave this tip as motivation for you to continue, don’t give up. Go to the end that your success just as mine will get

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If you really believe in you, no one will change that, no one will hold you, so my crochetfriend, I hope you have taken a motivational bath here with us and come learn.

Because the purpose of sharing these tutorials is exactly this, share knowledge. I would like to praise and make it very clear that all the knowledge shared here is credit from the official website that you will be able to check out this amazing step by step by Sunshine Crochet Pillow for Baby

Tutorial on crochet cushion Bernat Sunshine
Tutorial on crochet cushion Bernat Sunshine