The Trip Around The World Quilt


The famous patchwork quilts of yesteryear made by grandmothers never went out of style and every day that has been updating and modernizing, today is well known and practiced. There are even quilt exhibitions nowadays that are heavily visited and thousands of people take their quilt to put on display.

To do does not need a lot of material and can often use leftover fabrics. There are many techniques in the world. Before it was only pieces of fabrics seams and squares, nowadays there are numerous pattern of quilt with different themes. And it’s not just made quilts like that, but it also has a table path, hanging on a wall, a Christmas tree, an American game, a book cover, a pillow case, and many other things that can be used today.


There are patterns of Christmas, baby, flowers, 3D, strips or crosses, of geometric shapes anyway .. there are several patters that can be found on the internet. If you like quilt just like me then I’m sure you will like to read through to the end and good work. 

The pattern I bring to you today is called The Trip Around The World Quilt, which has become very well known and practiced because it is a great way to recycle old fabrics that you can not use in another. This type of quilt is usually purposefully designed to get this designer and this arrangement of colors, and can be used two or more colors, putting tone on tone to give a 3D effect. Although this quilt can be arranged in several ways, thus altering the pattern of the fabric’s alternation between light and dark as I left in the photo above.


Many people know and make the arrangement of fabrics including red flap because that red color symbolizes the fireplace and the patches around resemble trunks, as if it were from a cabin. The craftsmanship done with the hands is nothing more than to work with the hands and share of the heart as they are often home or give as a gift to someone dear. You can use various fabric combinations and make this quilt impressive. Duvet size: 72 inches wide x 85 cm long.

If you were looking for something to make your home more beautiful, hanging on the wall or giving a special person, be it Christmas or birthday, and want a warm blanket to warm up this winter you will love this too because it is easy, so enjoy to make a beautiful quilt being of beginner level.

To Do It You Will Need

Ruler for patchwork

Cutting board

Rotary cutter


Types of fabrics

Fabric for lining



Sewing machine

If you want to do also I leave below the pattern with the step by step and a video tutorial, I hope you like it and see you next time. I see you there


Pattern Written ➥ The Trip Around The World Quilt