Cardigan crochet tutorial in Circular


Always trend and never go out of fashion the Cardigan crochet now came back with everything is in this tutorial you will learn a model out of the conventional, very beautiful, versatile and super usual for any style of clothing.

Today’s proposal is a cardigan in the circular model, made for those who like to try on trending clothes and different from normal, the model very easy to make is to make anyone passionate, exactly by the richness of details that make up the whole piece worked in hand.


This cardigan all worked in circular is like being a jacket, where are started high and low points giving rise to all this incredible effect, the idea of the model is very cool, if by chance the sleeves of the original model do not please you, just follow the same tutorial but highlight the same is there give rise to a new model of cardigan , pulled over to a vest.

Cardigan crochet tutorial in Circular
Cardigan crochet tutorial in Circular

In the original pattern the piece is all crafted in double points, which makes it have an even greater charm, the step by step taught in the official tutorial is free.

My experience in producing this model was amazing, the tutorial is simple you following the teaching faithfully will succeed in doing the piece.


The cool thing about this piece is the versatility of it, quickly if you do not like something just replace is the model already be makes another, this is interesting, because from the same point you can originate other parts.

I particularly love to take tutorials so I end up learning even more, that’s when I finish the official model and see the degree of difficulty I give rise to other models with the same point.

Returning to speak of this wonderful piece, all worked in highs and lows is super trends of the coldest days is and a joker piece that should contain in your wardrobe.

The interesting thing about it is the ease that we have to wear the same with various looks, be it skirt, dress, short sand or even a jeans will look amazing and great.

Outside that gets super trends and you get ready for any event, play with the accessories and will make your look even more stylish and cute.

In reality everything that is reproduced in crochet is in fact amazing and a piece as is is to be in love.

From the same point I gave rise to a beach trip that was wonderful, I like to play with the points I learn and give rise to other clothes.

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It was very cool and be prefer can use the same point to give rise to other clothes, I made two of this model here tutorial and is in my atelier, I already have 3 orders of other colors and I’m sure it will be successful sale.

In relation to the material it is good that you follow the measure indicated by the tutorial, so that the line does not end in the process of creating the piece, it is a piece of intermediate difficulty, nothing else prevents you that even being a beginner can recreate this tutorial.

I advise you to follow all the recommended guidelines to scratch that will be able to recreate the piece successfully, now let’s check together another amazing tutorial?

All production credits of this piece are intended for the official website and you can check out the tutorial .