Beautiful flower crochet rug


Today is a very cute tutorial in crochet, I’m passionate is i want too much to share with you this wonderful model, I made 3 already and just loved, I left put one of these in all rooms of the house and I intend to make an even bigger, simply loved this tutorial and I’m sure you just as I will be in love.

This rug is beautiful and amazing, because all of it is worked on flowers, the more these flowers are in crochet, the junction of several flowers give a cute and delicate effect in the room, room or anywhere you want to exhibit a model of this.


I would like to emphasize the importance of following the tutorial to the letter, I gave soft in my development, distract for a second and had to undo, in this case the wealth of detail sums passed in the tutorial is important that you pay close attention.

Easy crochet rug
Easy crochet rug

Another important thing is to follow the tutorial from start to finish, it is an easy carpet to produce, but it is important that you cling to the model and actually do the same from start to finish, this will motivate you to make other models and add value also to your knowledge, no one learns anything by jumping from branch to branch.

I made 3 models in 10 days, this because I interced ed other orders That I’ve been having here in the atelier, is indeed successful, I already have orders and my clients just like me are in love.


Just look at the carpet to know the reason for this passion in fact is a beautiful model, another interesting thing is that from the same point I can create other models of pieces, in which will look beautiful with this effect of flowers.

You know the charm of details that your environment needs this piece will provide you, a delicacy, leave your environment more cute and more beautiful, in fact it was worth every minute I used learning this tutorial , because I already had returnwith the same in my atelier.

Crocheters here on my site you can give a great rummage that you will see how much amazing and different tutorials I brought here, I want to share with you each of them, because I learned a lot and I’m sure it will add you knowledge, after all the more we learned, the more knowledge we acquired.

It’s more perfect pieces we can do, as I always mention in the tutorials, crochet is the art of possibility, just have thread and needle at your disposal and create.

Persistence is a key point for you to succeed in this market, because there are many lazy people and it is no use to be lazy, because it is a branch that depends on you.

Of your skills, in thinking that a year ago I didn’t even know how to take the needle, today I dedicate my time to producing amazing pieces and Tell you what, it was really worth it.

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I live today of this art that every day makes me more passionate and has generated the stability and peace that I seek so much, of course at first it was difficult and just like you who is on the other side of the world maybe reading this text, I had persistence, believed and believe to this day that from crochet I could take my livelihood , that’s what I did.

So my crocheter friend, get your hands dirty is come today to learn another wonderful tutorial that will add knowledge and value to you for sure.

Oh, but I can not fail to mention that all the credit of this wonderful content and the images used here is from the official site of the creation of the piece that you can check out today by clicking here.

Easy crochet rug
Easy crochet rug