Hypnotic Tiles Crochet Afghan


Crochet has been practiced for years and its name comes from French, in Croc Germanic languages, but both have the meaning of “hook”. It is basically the process of creating pieces made of fabrics using only a crochet hook and a thread of wool, cotton, or silk. You can also use string or other material that you can give to make the stitches. The term “crochetage” was used to say about a stitch used to join pieces. The first instructions on how to make a crochet stitch using that term were published in the Dutch magazine Penélopé in 1823, the crochet being open simple and then in a semi-open shape, where the chain stitch alternates with long crochet threads and is close with a star made with “double crochet stitches.

After two years, he writes about Crochet originally made by peasants in Scotland. And with that, crochet is always innovated and never forgotten in the area of ​​handicrafts, modernizing and innovating according to fashion trends. The crochet is composed of several stitches that are counted following a pattern, changing the number of stitches and also changing the type of stitch made, also counting on the even numbers so as not to make mistakes and become asymmetrical work. So the importance of counting the points that are made in the pattern is great, to see the final result.

Hypnotic Tiles Crochet Afghan

As stated above, crochet is practiced with few materials, only with yarn and needle. The size of the needle will change and give the size for your stitch, if you want a bigger stitch just use a thicker needle, or to have a finer stitch just use a thinner needle. Always remembering that to make pieces for children it is necessary to use soft yarns and without textures. For those who want to sell the crochet pieces, it is a great option as it has a huge profit, having spent only on the threads and are cheap, this thinking about the basics.

There are several yarns that can be used to crochet, natural yarns – which are derived from animals or plants – synthetic yarns – nylon, polyester or acrylic yarns – or a mixture of the two, for example, the densified, polished yarn or hairstyle.

The pattern I bring today is known by the name of Hypnotic Tiles Crochet Afghan, is an intermediate level pattern, with an amazing designer that has a 3D effect. It is made with several squares of this pattern thus forming the piece you prefer, a beautiful blanket to use in the cold or a blanket for your sofa or armchair, it looks beautiful too.

This pattern takes an average of 4 months to make, depending on your availability of time to dedicate yourself to the pattern. Whenever I have some time, do a little more, these types of 3D patterns are really satisfactory, I feel great myself when I finish work like this because of the result, every effort is worth it. Remembering that it brings several health benefits to practice crochet, it improves motor coordination and memory.

Below I leave the pattern in pdf that you can print making it much easier to do wherever you want and I also leave the video tutorial to help further make this beautiful pattern in 3D. This is today’s pattern, I hope you liked it, comment what you think is very important. Save our site to stay on top of news, share with the friends. We have a post every week for everyone, enjoy. Good work, until the next job of the wonderful crochet, kiss.

Pattern PDF Free – Hypnotic Tiles Afghan


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