6-Day Kid Blanket


What would the perfect double bedroom look like for you and your mate – or mate? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself this? Amid so many beautiful references that we see around it is often difficult to define how to assemble and decorate the couple’s room, especially if it is small, as the size of the environment can cause some aesthetic and functional limitations.

Another very important point to consider is the taste and style of each, as the environment will be shared by both. A mere detail cannot go unnoticed. In today’s post we will talk more about it and teach you how to make a beautiful 6-Day Kid Blanket to help you with this.

To help you with all of these questions, we have selected in this post some clear tips that will help you create a beautiful decoration for the small double bedroom and make it look good, simply and inexpensively. Follow it: First of all think about how the space will be used.

In some smaller houses and apartments, it is common for the couple’s bedroom to also become the workplace, the study area, and of course the perfect environment for sleeping, relaxing and dating.

The first big step in determining how the decor will be in the couple’s environment is to keep in mind the couple’s needs. Defined how the fourth room will be used for choosing the color palette. This step is crucial, as the previously defined colors will make the decoration and planning work easier.

For small double rooms the tip is to use light and neutral shades at the base of the decoration in order to increase and visually brighten the environment making it very beautiful and with an incredibly special touch. Choose from three to four colors, two of which remain at the base, while the others can be used for smaller details and decoration objects.

A tip for those who want to set up a small and modern double room is to follow a palette with shades of white and gray at the base, there is no mistake.

Then it’s time to think about the most important piece of furniture in this space: the bed. This is the most prominent element that makes the room a real room. Measure the wall where you plan to put the bed and choose a model that fits in this space so that there is no problem decorating.

Remembering to leave at least 60 cm on the sides of each side to give access to the furniture. The headboard of the small double bedroom should preferably be placed horizontally to create a greater sense of space.

Another tip is to put mirrors on the remaining part of the headboard wall, besides beautiful, the mirrors help to enlarge the environment. The walls of the small double bedroom can gain color and other decorative elements such as panels, wallpaper, paintings and so on.

In order not to overload the room, choose one or two walls just to receive these applications and remember to follow that color palette set back there. It will help you in choosing these elements. You can also search for inspirations on the internet.

Free Available Pattern: 6-Day Kid Blanket

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