Curved Log Cabin Quilt


Hello friends of crafts, welcome to our website. If you have been doing crafts for years here we have many beautiful patterns and also for those who are starting in this world of crafts, here we have many patterns at the beginner level. Surely you need to know our patterns that we left here, new patchwork techniques and what is in the media. This work that I bring today is a well-known craft and practiced for many years.

It is a very beautiful handicraft with a designeer that besides pleasing many people for its design, it is a great way to occupy your time with activities that bring tranquility, peace, care and well being because making handicrafts brings many benefits to health also for many people a form of occupational health therapy. Working with fabrics, there are several different techniques that can be used in handling fabrics to make different patterns, different color combinations and forming new pattens that, in the end, create beautiful pieces.


The works done can be for personal use as well as for decorative use and also even as a source of income selling your works. Nowadays, it is very popular in the United States, it even has a contest for the best work. It can also be called a comforter which means “mending pieces”. This craft is increasingly sought after as well as crochet that is also to fall in love. This technique is one of the oldest ever practiced, being the first works ever found. At the time of wars, it was a form of survival that soldiers wore under armor that offered greater protection.

Pattern Curved Log Cabin Quilt

In times of crisis, it was used by people who had no money to buy clothes for children, thus going far beyond just beauty and decoration. You can use this handmade technique as beautiful decorative and personal pieces, use to make pillows, curtains, towels, storage bags, sofa covers, puffs, household rugs and all kinds of accessories you want to use. 

It is a technique whose quality is in the improvement, so you don’t need to start doing complex jobs and you can start doing some things manually instead of going straight to the sewing machine. More important than the type of technique, it is necessary to know how to do it with precision, ranging from the cuts to the assembly of the fabrics. Working with the machine makes the pattern more standardized, more beautiful and will also finish your job faster.



Acrylic Rulers
Circular bundles – thus allowing a more precise cut
Craft pencil
Pins and a set of basic lines – always try to match the line with the pattern of the fabric used
Fabrics – of different colors and patterns

The most suitable fabrics to use are cotton without elastane and mainly because they are firmer and easier to handle. Remember that every inch is important and stretch fabrics can warp the job. Before entering the sewing machine, test the fabric sets by pinning them or even sewing them by hand. As much as you are sure of the precision of the cuts or imagine the final result, it is always good to test before doing the definitive work, because then you will notice small adjustments.

Today’s Curved Log Cabin bedspread has a beautiful designer as you can see in the photos above to see the final result. For everyone who liked this bedspread this is a very beautiful technique and has an intermediate level of difficulty. Enjoy the video tutorial below, choose the colors you prefer to use to combine and good work.

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