Giant Mitre Rainbow Granny Blanket


Beginner crochet is one of the best crafts to learn. In addition to being a relaxing activity, you can make any item for your home, such as rugs, coasters, sofa and bed blankets, pillows… Just use your creativity! However, there are some important tips that everyone needs to know when learning how to crochet for beginners, as they help you make even more beautiful and neat pieces.

You need to know how to choose the needle and the type of thread, as there is a wide variety of models – and each one is suitable for a purpose. When choosing your needle, see how thick your thread is. If it’s a fine thread, then you need to use a needle as fine as that, to be able to make delicate stitches with it. The same tip goes for a thick line. Crochet for beginners with a proportional needle is much easier and faster to finish the piece.


As you are learning how to crochet for beginners, start making pieces with cotton thread, it is easier to work. It’s also worth doing with clear lines, because the hue helps to visualize the dots better and guarantee an incredible result! The more types of beginner crochet stitches you master, the prettier your pieces will be. So, since you are learning crochet step by step for beginners, it is worth knowing and training all the crochet stitches for beginners and becoming an expert in the craft.


Pattern Giant Mitre Rainbow Granny Blanket

It is a very old craft, but it is still widely practiced by people of all ages. It’s a job that has a very low cost with just a needle, thread and a few pieces to decorate like ribbons, buttons or whatever you want to put on. You can make your own pieces or even have extra income at the end of the month to help with the household bills. The pattern I bring today is about a crochet blanket to decorate your bed or use on the sofa, it has an amazing designer who is to fall in love with.


First of all, before starting work it is very important that you choose the color combination model for the blanket you intend to make. Be it made entirely in one color or combining two colors of different tones or make it all colored like the one in the photo above, a more cheerful and relaxed designer. The blanket, or blanket, has a designer that looks like a square with several others increasing in size, thus having a 3D effect. 

Neutral colors such as black and white or brown are easier to match in decor because they go well with other stronger colors. On the designer, you can place the squares all facing the same direction, or you can do as in the example of the photo that is one up and one down, which is nice too. This crochet blanket looks beautiful in every way.

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Crochet is a therapy and a delight, in addition to being able to create pieces for yourself or give as a gift, it leaves you calm and distracting. If you liked today’s pattern, click on the link below and enjoy the information a lot, it has the step-by-step written, complete with photos to follow. This pattern can give you inspiration to make other shapes or create a different designer. You won’t regret making this beautiful blanket, start now and let it flow. Good job everyone.

Free Available Pattern: Giant Mitre Rainbow Granny Blanket