Giant Mitre Rainbow Granny Blanket


Unsurprisingly, social networks have invaded people’s lives and daily lives. What’s new is the tendency to bring what’s in the hammocks to the home décor, specifically in the bedroom. Did you not quite understand the proposal? Calm down, let’s explain. The style became popular as Tumblr Room. This name (which sounds kind of weird) refers to the Tumblr social network.

Got the call? The site works as a blog where the user posts photos, videos, quotes and images on topics that is in their interests and, in return, also receives photos, videos, quotes and images on the same themes only posted by other users. In today’s post we will explain a little about this type of decoration and teach you the pattern and a beautiful Giant Miter Rainbow Granny Blanket.

In short, the fourth Tumblr carries with it, through decoration, the essence, personality and true interests of the person who lives there. Objects are exposed similarly to social network posts. For this reason, we see in this room many amazing photos, phrases and pictures glued to the wall, stamped on the pillows and wherever you can put them.

The idea is to reproduce inside the room all that is liked and shared in the person’s social network. One of the interesting features of this room is that you can make a large part of the decoration yourself, as the goal is to fully customize the environment in which the decoration will be used.

And do not think that this proposal works only in children’s rooms. On the contrary, many adults have already stuck to the idea in their bedroom as well. Setting up a Tumblr room doesn’t have much secrets, nor rules to follow. But a real Tumblr has some details that define it and set it apart from the rest.

1. Photos
There is no social network without photos. Much less a Tumblr room without them. Have your selfies printed and don’t be afraid to use them in your bedroom. You can hang them on a cord, riding a kind of clothesline, by the way, this idea is very common to be found in Tumblrs. Another possibility is to fix them to a mural or wall. But, as we said earlier, in this style of decoration there are no rules. The sky is the limit. Most importantly, your room literally has its face. You can, for example, use pictures of characters, landscapes and etc …

2. Phrases and Quotations
Phrases and quotes are often posted on the Tumblr network. So, nothing fairer, that they are also part of the decoration of the room. To do this, use catchphrases or words that represent you and your lifestyle when decorating. Pearls can come in signs, framed in frames, printed on pillows and etc, etc, etc. A tip: Make a selection of your favorite phrases and words and insert each one into the room decor.

3. Colors
Colors are indispensable in a Tumblr room. Many people believe that the decoration in this style is more black and white. The truth is that there is no rule but a tendency. This is easily explained. Neutral colors, such as black and white, are easier to fit into the decor precisely because they blend well with other, stronger, more vibrant colors. Therefore, the idea is to make colors vivid for smaller details and objects, while white, for example, can come on walls, furniture and other larger elements. This is a very special and beautiful type of decoration, I am sure you will love it.

Free Available Pattern: Giant Mitre Rainbow Granny Blanket

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