Mitered Granny Square Crochet


Crochet over the years is increasingly being practiced and used in many things, for example in clothes and decorations, you can make a piece to give new life to the kitchen with rugs, placemats, puff cover and icebreakers of any environment working very well in the bedrooms or in the living room, you can also renovate those old benches that are stored and make something very original.

Another example you can do is to use crochet blankets on the sofa to make the room more cozy. Make a blanket to put on the main sofa or also on your armchair, this type of decoration blends very well with the winter climate. You can do to cover the dome of lampshades and lamps already old or old with a crocheted lace mesh, innovating and giving life and looks beautiful giving a romantic and cozy retro touch.

You can also make rugs with crochet that give a lot of difference for those who do not like to use only carpets at home, because the crochet models are renewed in a simple and functional way, you can always innovate them and make them more modern according to fashion. Like the rugs we talked about, crochet is often used to make bars and centerpieces or to make great tablecloths. Accessories like this make a big difference in decoration, we find on the internet several models from the simplest to the most elaborate with designs, which enrich and add sophistication.

Mitered Granny Square Crochet

Today’s pattern that I leave for everyone, is a beautiful pattern called Miter Granny Square Crochet. It is a very practiced standard that can be done by people at a beginner level because it is an easy point to make and is more accessible to everyone, and for those who already know this point you can practice even more, thus bringing the perfection of your work. He’s a lot of fun to do for his style of degrade.

You can do many things with crochet to change your environment, you can also make the famous crochet pillowcases that besides being cheap look beautiful. Crochet cushions can transform any place, using the colors you prefer using the most classic, more rustic or using more colorful colors to make it more cheerful. There is no exact rule for colors to use in each type of piece, use your creativity and make beautiful work. Here on the website besides this pattern we have many others, enjoy.

This pattern is made with several squares sewn together to form the complete piece at the end. You can make several squares until forming the size you prefer, making the squares of the pattern and sewing each one to the size you want to be, for blanket or bed blanket, thus forming a beautiful Afghan crochet or also a sofa blanket, blanket baby or any other work you do. Do what you want and it will look beautiful. Choose the type of yarn you want for your work, a thicker yarn will have a more visible and larger tip, and with a thinner yarn the tip will be more delicate and the tip will be smaller.

Ready to start? then see below the link leaving to have access to the complete step by step of this beautiful Crochet Mitered Square pattern! With these instructions, you will be able to patern and see as many squares as you want until you get the size you want. I’m sure you will enjoy making and making several pieces with different colors. See also our other patterns on the site.

Step by Step  Mitered Granny Square Crochet



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